Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

The other day, it was quite cold out. For the beginning of Spring, Winter sure wants to hold on a bit longer! Kiefer, who is usually comfortable in the chilly weather, was feeling a bit uncomfortable in his jacket. He decided to let me know just how he was feeling. This is why you never accept the first comment.

Kiefer: I want to kill myself!

Me: Why?

Kiefer: I hate this world!

Me: Why?

Kiefer: I don’t want to be on this Earth anymore!

Me: Why?

Kiefer: Because I’m cold!


Is this a milestone?

My gosh Kiefer is growing up! Well, he IS technically getting taller, but he has gained a bunch of firsts and impressive actions. And Cameron! WHOA! I’m getting whiplash!

Let’s start by saying, they are doing great with their skating. Rollerblading is fun and a great exercise for them. However, I will say it’s getting hard for them wince Cameron doesn’t seem to think he can skate well and Kiefer doesn’t want to change the way he already is skating which is having his skates be very far apart making is hard to keep his balance. When the teacher gets Cameron’s attention, he does it right, but as long as he doesn’t believe in himself, he reverts back to doing it incorrectly. Well, it’s a struggle, but in the long run, they do like it. I’m nervous about getting my own skates. My ankles have a hard time with the skating and I’m not convinced they will be doing this for a long time. Meanwhile, skating isn’t going to be going on after this lesson is done. I’m fine with continuing it, but after a little break. Maybe we’ll get on to gymnastics or a different sport or activity. I might let them decide on this one. We’ll see…. Read more


The day of firsts!

Today, Kiefer decided he was going to tie his own shoe laces. He was getting close, but had a hard time. He asked for my help, so I showed him the three ways I know how to tie a shoelace. He and I chose the simplest one (tying the bunny ears). I showed him 2 times, and he got it! He was so proud of himself. He showed it to his daddy and then decided to try to teach his brother, Cameron. I sat here listening to him try to teach Cameron by showing him the way I did (tying the bunny ears). Cameron was not as motivated, but he did try to understand what Kiefer was trying to teach him. He really wanted to teach Cameron himself, so he turned down any offers for me to help, which I did towards the end, but Cameron only required some bubble gum. So, that was the end of the shoelace tying attempts from Cameron, but Kiefer did continue to practice on his own. I’m so proud of him!

So, later today, we went bike riding in the park without the training wheels. It was an unusually warm day this Winter, we were definitely going to take advantage of it. Read more


Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Cameron came out of his room after I checked in on him for bedtime. He had a question about his boy bits.


Cameron: Mommy, it happened again. My penis is squishy. (he pulls down his pants to show me)

Me: That can happen. It’s normal. (noticing he wasn’t showing me his penis) Cameron, which part is bothering you?

Cameron: (Squishing to his scrotum between his fingers.) This part. My penis.

Me: Cameron, those are your testicles. The other part is your penis.

Cameron: Why do they call it the testicles when I can’t even see the testing part?



Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

So the funny talk continues with 5 year old Kiefer and Daddy during the bedtime tuck in….


Kiefer: Wonder Woman is a sweetie pie. Only girls can be sweetie pies.

Daddy: Why do you like Wonder Woman? Why is she a sweetie pie?

Kiefer: I like her boobs. Killer boobs!

Daddy: (laughing)

Kiefer: I’m so full of joy!


Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

A recent conversation with Jason lead to an interesting result. Jason was curious who Dora the Explorer reminded the boys of among their friends, so he figured he’d ask this seemingly innocent question.


Daddy: Who does Dora remind you of?

Kiefer: An old ‘gina.

(Kiefer can’t say the word vagina correctly so he cuts it short to ‘gina)


NOT what we were expecting to hear from a 5 year old!


Sleep Pee

Cameron has a new habit. I am aware that he has night terrors and he used to wet the bed pretty often. Now he uses the bathroom. GASP! What kid in his right mind would use the bathroom to potty? I mean he uses the bathroom, not necessarily the toilet. Well, he uses the toilet, but that doesn’t mean what he’s putting in it lands in the toilet. That’s right. EWWW! Most of the time, he does manage to get his pee inside the toilet, but often there will be pee in, on, and around the toilet. At least he … Read more

Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

So, I was checking in on Cameron tonight. He had plenty of questions and comments that just got me going.


Me: I feel like I’m the luckiest mommy alive to have such wonderful, special boys like you and Kiefer. You make me laugh. You make me smile. You fill my bucket. You are so smart.

Cameron: But what if you’re dead?

(moment of laughter from me)

Me: Why would I be…? Even when I’m dead, I’m always going to love you! But, I’m not going anywhere for a very long time. In fact, I’m sure I’ll be alive to see my grandchildren. You’ll find someone and maybe have children.

Cameron: But, if you are dead, how can I see you?

Me: I won’t be dead. Maybe you’ll find someone when you are in your 20’s. That puts me around 55. I’m still young then.

Cameron: But, what if you are 100?

Me: When I’m 100, you’ll be about 65. You’ll probably have grandchildren of your own by then, and I’ll have great grandchildren.

Cameron: But, I don’t want a baby in my belly!

(Again, more laughter)

Me: Cameron, the girl in your life will be the one with a baby in her belly.

Cameron: OHHH! That’s OK then!


No Swimming, Make Pie!

What a bummer. I was hoping to go swimming with my boys. Yesterday, Cameron hurt his finger and it hurt him through the night. I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to swim today. We were supposed to go swimming with my aunt which we haven’t done in a while. Luckily, she lives close by, so cancelling wasn’t a big deal. What a shame though. It would have been fun and it would have gotten them out of the house. Cameron’s finger at least isn’t swollen, so I know it’s not broken. He took off the splint I made him … Read more

Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Today, Cameron and I were shopping at the near by groceries store. We got to talking about strangers and what he should do. It was a random conversation which he started, but it was important so I went with it.


Cameron: It’s not good to be nice to strangers.

Me: Well, not exactly. You can be nice, but you shouldn’t be talking to strangers.

Cameron: I shouldn’t talk to strangers because they might take you and make you eat something I don’t like like turkey. I don’t like turkey, but a stranger might tell me, “You have to eat that!” And then the stranger will make me eat it, and I really don’t want turkey. That would be bad!


He actually kept on going on with the story, but by this time, I was giggling too much to really understand what he was saying.