Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Today, Cameron and I were shopping at the near by groceries store. We got to talking about strangers and what he should do. It was a random conversation which he started, but it was important so I went with it.


Cameron: It’s not good to be nice to strangers.

Me: Well, not exactly. You can be nice, but you shouldn’t be talking to strangers.

Cameron: I shouldn’t talk to strangers because they might take you and make you eat something I don’t like like turkey. I don’t like turkey, but a stranger might tell me, “You have to eat that!” And then the stranger will make me eat it, and I really don’t want turkey. That would be bad!


He actually kept on going on with the story, but by this time, I was giggling too much to really understand what he was saying.


Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Last night, Jason was putting Cameron to bed, and they were talking about superheroes and where they came from and what their alternative names are. For example: Wonder Woman is Diana Prince and Batman is Bruce Wayne. So, they got to talking about Superman and that he came from Krypton. Cameron had something to say about it.


Cameron: Superman is from Krypton.

Jason: Yes, that’s right! He is.

Cameron: Krypton blew up a long long time ago, like last October!


Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Jason is helping to start a new forum website for me. I’m all excited about it, so of course I asked him if he’s gotten the site up already. So, he proceeds to tease me about being impatient. Cameron and Kiefer were playing in the room and Kiefer catches part of the conversation.


Kiefer: Daddy, what are you doing?

Daddy: I’m teasing Mommy!

Kiefer (in a very happy voice): You’re teasing Mommy? Good for you!!


Should I feel ganged up on? LOL!!


Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Yesterday, we all had some rich foods. That means breath can be questionable after eating. Jason got a reminder of this little fact one night when Cameron needed some extra hugs before he went to sleep. Cameron came in to the office where Jason was sitting, and he climbed into his daddy’s lap for a hug.


Cameron: Daddy, you need to brush your teeth.

Daddy: Thank you. I will do that.

Cameron: Your breath smells like my stinky butt.


DOH! It took a second, but how can you not laugh at that one?




Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

This time it should be the awesome things they say! Tonight, Cameron made his Daddy blush big time! We were talking about superheroes, what boy doesn’t like talking about superheroes?


Daddy: Boys, do you want to grow up to be superheroes?

Kiefer: Yes!

Daddy: Cameron, do you want to be a superhero?

Cameron: Yes, I want to be a dad!


Now, wouldn’t that make you blush if your kid said that to you?


The Boys’ First Day of Kindergarten

Well, the boys finally made it to Kindergarten! They did very well on their first day Thursday, July 11. It was a full day of school, but not with the full class. We drove them to school and walked them in to class. There was a sign-in sheet to include our names and emergency contact information for that day. The boys got a name tag each and found a seat. Their bags went in to a cubby and school supplies on the floor. Immediately, Cameron found a seat. Kiefer needed a little persuading, but he found a seat in front … Read more

Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Jason and I will rotate every night doing a tuck-in for one boy and then checking in on the other. Tuck-ins are lengthy with book reading, laying with them and a small chat or some tuck-in routine set by either one of us (I do something specific with Kiefer while Jason may do something different when it’s his turn to tuck in Kiefer and vise verse). Check-ins are supposed to be brief giving us both a chance to say goodnight to both boys and so Jason was checking in on Cameron tonight. Cameron was wondering why he took so long before coming in to his room, so Jason tried to explain about part of his conversation with Kiefer who he was tucking in tonight. For the record, Jason did not take long at all to check in on Cameron. He was just being impatient. We are talking maybe 3-5 minutes after I left his room.


Cameron: Daddy, why did you take so long to check on me?

Jason: Kiefer was asking me questions about bones and muscles.

Cameron: Do dogs eat our bones?

Jason: No dogs don’t eat our bones, they eat snack bones.

Cameron: Yeah, cause if dogs ate our bones, we would be all squishy.



Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Just over the weekend, Cameron and Kiefer were talking to me about holidays. I figured we’d talk about a few that are coming up.


Me: Boys, do you know what special days are coming up in May and June?
Kiefer: No.
Me: In May it’s your daddy’s and mommy’s birthday and it’s Mother’s day. In June, it’s Father’s day, your birthday, and your auntie’s birthday.
Both: What’s Mother’s Day?
Me: It’s a day you celebrate your mother.
Cameron: What do you do for Mother’s Day?
Me: Well, since it’s a day to celebrate your mother, you can say nice things to her, or do something nice for her, get or make her something nice, …something to make her feel happy or special.
Cameron: Mommy?
Me: Yes, Cameron?
Cameron: I like your face.


LOL!! You gotta give the boy credit for trying!


Cool School Work

This past week in preschool, the boys talked about Earth. During class, the teachers will ask a question for the class to answer and they will write it down for all to see. This was a couple of highlighted answers posted for this past week.


Cameron’s Class:


“The water has dolphins.”

Cameron LOVES dolphins so that answer was no surprise


Kiefer’s Class:


“It’s something that keeps you from floating in to outer space.”

I thought that was pretty creative of Kiefer to say. …and so true!