Hello World!

Hello everyone! World, Earth inhabitants, beings, atmosphere recyclers, etc… This is my blog, journal, online diary for all to see, what have you. I figure I’ll just introduce myself a bit. I’m a little strange, if you haven’t already noticed. I also am not used to writing stuff about my life out for all to see, but I figured, if I’m going to be a future homicidal maniac, I might as well poison your minds with my random thoughts. Trust me, it’s enough to kill you. I don’t need any sharp or blunt objects to do the trick. Just listening to me babble is enough to make you want to stick toothpicks in your eyes and spoon your own guts out.

Ok ok, it’s not THAT bad. I do, however, like to talk A LOT about absolutely nothing. Why not just translate my random ramblings online for all to see. You are of course welcome to share the space with me. I like company.

Well there’s a little piece of the mysterious person that started this site. Please read at your own risk. I will not be held responsible for any damages and injuries acquired while reading my entries.

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