Sign of Trouble

Well I’m back from the hospital as of Friday, Aug 15. What a trip! Food tasted like airplane food. Even the dietitian there agreed it’s not the greatest tasting stuff out there. For the most part, the nurses were really nice and helpful. However they were slow at times. Not that I was expecting some fast service, but when you need something and they take an hour to get to you, something is up. I wasn’t allowed to do anything without assistance including use of the bathroom….ugh how embarrassing. But, when my bladder is full, I’m not waiting around for any nurse to walk me to the bathroom door that was in the same small room as I was. They put stubborn down in my folder so the nurses would keep an eye on my whereabouts. I know I should wait for them, but it’s not like I’m going far. I’m short so falling isn’t a big deal either. I know they’d be liable for it if I hurt myself, so I was as patient as I could be about the bathroom and everything else.

The TV wasn’t working very well, it would shut off on me and change its own channels. It was new service but it wasn’t working so I got that for free! The phone service wasn’t working well either, but it was mainly cutting off when I was talking to Jason and no one else really. HOW RUDE! I guess I’m still waiting for a bill from that one.

All in all, it was quite pleasant. The bed was hard and hurt a bit but the days went by fast enough thanks to the many nice phone calls I got and the tests I had to endure. Getting phone calls during the hospital stay I think was the best part. I loved hearing from friends and family and the visits were also special to me. It gets so lonely and boring there without the company. The TV is great for night time and to help keep familiar sounds around when trying to sleep. I’d highly recommend TV service if you ever have to stay at a hospital. It does get expensive, but you won’t regret it if you spent the little extra for some comforts. Even the fact that they would give you a menu to choose your food from was a nice touch. gives you a choice of what to eat instead of only getting what they give. I never had Jello once there!

As far as the tests go. I did my best. the 5 MRI scans weren’t so bad except my bad leg fell asleep and started to really hurt. The spinal tap….SHuDdEr…that was unfortunately painful cause they didn’t put in enough anesthesia at first, but I did get through it. That test was to look for signs of multiple sclerosis, central nervous lime’s disease, epstein’s bar, or any other nervous type of disease that might effect the spine. There were small traces of MS and Lymes so I’m supposed to follow up on the Lymes cause that’s easier to retest. The MS however takes longer to diagnose, but that too is in my list of things to watch for. So far multiple sclerosis is what the doctors are suspecting but don’t want to make any definitive answer on it possibly being MS; mainly because it’s best to rule out all possibilities than to jump to a conclusion and treat me for the wrong thing. The Pulmonary test was OK. I just had to do some breathing tests into a tube so they could make sure that my breathing wasn’t effected by my nervous system. Same with the eye test (VOC). It was so easy. I just had to stare at this checkered screen with one eye at a time so they could see how my eyes were stimulated. Basically, it was to make sure my nerves didn’t make any short circuits or short cuts from my eyes to the back of my head. I was going to go through an EMG (muscle test) but the doctors thought that wasn’t going to prove anything cause the problem seemed to be obviously coming from my brain and nothing local…according to the MRI scans anyhow. I had an EKG (something to test out the heart rate and so forth. It was a very simple and fast test where they stick these stickers on me in specific areas and attach these wires to them. It takes much longer to set up than to actually take the test. I also had tons of blood tests. I think they were smart though. They’d take the blood from me in the middle of the night. That was as a groggy patient I’d put up less fight to give some away. Little did they know I have little to no fear of needles and have no problem with the blood tests. Either way, pretty smart if you ask me. Getting woken up every night to get my temp taken and vitals measured was annoying. I just needed sleep so the stay ended up a bit unsettling with sleep, but at least I could sleep without a sleeping pill….’cept one night when I thought I was going home the next morning. I was too excited to think.

I was told numerous times I could go home, but no one was suspecting anything to show up in my brain MRI scans. Nothing showed up in my spine…that was a major disappointment (I’m happy nothing showed up on my spine but something had to show up just when I was about to leave for home. I guess I’d rather it show up there than later on in a less convenient time). I think that ruined my stay there mostly. I’d rather think I was going to be there a while than be told I can go home then told I had to stay.

Well, all I could do was think about when I come home and see Jason and my dogs. I missed them so much!

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