Bad Day At Work

Well, it’s been a while since I posted so I might as well explain what’s been up. I have been having a pretty miserable time at work. My boss is on the rag, or could it be that he hasn’t taken a shit in over a month?…. I’m actually not sure ;). Anyway, his attitude towards me and my co-worker is just getting too much to handle. At first I thought maybe it was me, cause I so rarely trust bosses. I don’t have a problem with them at all, but they usually have some sort of misconception about me. I really do the best I can, and I don’t feel I get credit for that. My boss now just seems to snap out of no where for stupid reasons. Like writing a note that I switched the time for a client on the wrong page. I did however reschedule the client correctly and she came when she said she would. I tried to explain why I never moved the written note to the correct date but he hung up on me. NICE! right? Well I feel like I’m always apologizing for things and that rarely seems to be enough.

Just for background purposes. The boss owns the business but is never there. He expects us therapists to run the company not only for him, but in the way he would. But different scenarios occur and we can only do the best we can. …which isn’t good enough if it’s not in the manner he’d handle the situation. It’s not our job to run his business. We do get paid ok, but not to do clerical work. I’m a massage therapist, not a receptionist!

Bottom line, I’m sick of his PMS (Pissed Man Syndrome). He’s worse than a woman’s PMS sometimes (half joke). I just got a job through my friend and co-worker (THANK YOU, H!), so I’m going to quit the current job before I start getting sick over it…it’s already started. This is going to be interesting. I think my friend is planning on quitting with me. If she does, this is really going to hurt him. I don’t feel bad about it cause of the shit he’s pulled with us. The only thing I don’t like about this is that I’m not a vengeful person normally. I hate that I’m even thinking in that way. I hope this new one will be better. I already met the new boss and she seems much nicer. She also is a massage therapist herself which I think will help cause she has some understanding of what a massage therapist goes through during sessions as opposed to the current boss who is just a business owner. He doesn’t have a license to massage but only knows what he knows through books and getting a treatment himself every now and that. That certainly doesn’t make him an expert on massages and the massage career.

Well, next Monday, Nov 3, I start the new job. I’m looking forward to it. It pays less but I’d rather work in a pleasant environment with pleasant people than in a place with better pay and boss who desperately needs to get laid. Wish me luck on the new adventure!

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