Health Insurance and My Big Decision!

Ok so for anyone who hasn’t read my 2003 post, I have multiple sclerosis. I was diagnosed after the loss of flexion in my right leg. I couldn’t walk for about 2 weeks and for a month after that, I had to use a cane. Now I’m perfectly fine and have not had any exacerbations or flare-ups of the MS since.

Moving to NC from NY in 2004 was one of the best decisions I could have made. It’s so much nicer here. The people are nicer here. The hospitals are nicer here, and the doctors are very good. The air is clean, and the temperature is just nicer for longer periods of time. I even grew an inch since I moved here and I’m 33 years old! I also think that since I’m so much more relaxed here, I have not had any problems with the MS either. I’m not saying nothing will ever show it’s ugly head, but for now, it seems my MS has gone into remission.

Well, now all the niceties are out of the way, let’s get into the health insurance part of things. This is where things look bad. I’m paying for my mortgage and my dog’s vet bills. Both of which are expensive. I’m also paying for my health insurance. To start this off, when I first moved here, my mother did a great thing for me and that was to get a quote for me. No other health insurance will take me because I have this disease. That is another thing that pisses me off, but let’s get back to the story. She was quoted something very similar to what NY was charging me. It was a reasonable amount. Nothing too high and something I could afford. No problems it seemed. Well I moved down and to my surprise, my insurance was jacked up more than double the originally quoted price. I called and argued and the insurance insisted I was given the appropriate amount with all health problems on my list. They sent me a list and it made me look like a mess! But there was nothing I could do about it. Well I probably could have and should have gotten a lawyer and bitch about it till I was blue in the face, but as a large insurance company, I’m not sure the case would have won. My family are also not a bunch of sue happy people, so we let it go. Probably a dumb mistake I’ll regret from the rest of my life…

Well my rates were raised as they saw fit. Most of the time insurance companies raise them for everyone but not all get the same raise. Now it’s close to my mortgage rate. Starting in January of this year, they are going to match my mortgage for this house. How the hell am I expected to pay that!?! I decided to look around to see if anyone would take me. I can understand them not taking me if I was coming from another state, but I have been covered in this state for about 2 years now. I called around and not one company will take me because of the MS. What am I, some sort of freak? I’m covered! I haven’t even had any problems since I moved from NY! I know, I know, as an individual, they have to spend more so they charge more, but this is ridiculous!

Now, it’s decision time for me and my husband. Neither of us want to move really. Well, we do from the house we are in. There no usable back yard and the area is getting built up with apartments and town homes when we were under the impression when we moved here that most of it was going to be commercial and subdivisions. The commercial buildings here are very attractive so we weren’t so concerned with that. So now we are considering moving to a different area in the same town but to a subdivision that is finished. Or, to a whole ‘nother state entirely. One whose health insurance isn’t raping me quite as badly as this state is. We considered an area with a high risk cap on it. That would make my insurance soooo much easier, but those areas are not as acceptable. Either too cold, or the areas are not as nice. There are a few states that have health insurance rules that all companies have to accept everyone no matter what they have. But without a cap, they all have the right to raise their rates. It’s just not as bad as here. There are a couple of states that have similar rules as here where only one insurance is required to take anyone in. Fortunately, we have found an area that not only will accept me under on of the insurance companies, but they boast that they are competitive to the states with high risk caps! We got a quote and it’s more than half what I’m being charged here! The only problem is the health services there are not as well known as they are here. My school is there, there’s a wholistic vet in near by areas for my dogs, and the schools are semester schools as opposed to the year rounds they have here. The schools have a decent reputation there too and the area has a great appreciation value for the homes. here is good too but not as much. The taxes are better there and the houses are reasonable. less house for your money, but the yards are a very good size.

But, I have family here. I know my doctors here and I like them very much. The area MIGHT get a high risk cap but the idea has been turned down before and if it were to pass, it would take a while to get put to use. I’m currently going to school which means as soon as I get out in a year or 1 1/2 years, I’ll get a job and then I could possibly use the group insurance from there…assuming that insurance is comprehensive, and that isn’t even a sure thing now-a-days. In the other area, if I were to get a job there, and the insurance is not comprehensive, I could afford the health insurance as an individual. But, the moving would be a pain in the butt, and I wouldn’t have any family near by…not that no one would visit, but here, where I currently am living, I do have one family member which makes things easier for the both of us. I’m there for her and she’s there for me. So, you see why this is a tough decision? If it weren’t for the F#(&$#% health insurance issue, my decision would be sooo much easier. I really like it here, but I do wonder if I’d be better off somewhere else.


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