I Can’t Tape My Shows Anymore!

I respect sports, I really do. But why the hell does it have to cut into the shows that I tape? I watch specific shows and that I tape on TiVo. But on the nights that some sports program is on, it keeps pushing the shows following it off the normal recording time. So then I go upstairs all ready to watch my show that I usually watch religiously only to find that only half of it has been recorded! I back track on my TiVo listings and I find a football game that had played hours earlier has completely thrown the following TV shows of their regularly scheduled times! I don’t follow sports, so I have no idea when a game is supposed to be on. I only get to find out when I go sit my lazy ass down to watch my recorded show!! It’s on season pass so it’s not like I even pay much attention to when my shows are actually on.

It drives me crazy! Why do sports programs take so much more priority over other shows? What about the rest of the public that doesn’t watch sports? I couldn’t care less about football. I’ll go to games when my arm is twisted enough, but I only watch the cheerleaders. I find their dancing around much more entertaining than the actual game. But like I said, I respect the sports. I understand the concept of competitiveness and the all American way of entertainment and so on and so on, but why should I have to put aside my own fun so some sports fan (of which I’m clearly not) can enjoy his game?

A lot of people have TiVos or some sort of DVR with season/series passes. If a game is to be on that day, TV shows need to be canceled or the sports commentators need to make sure they discuss the game up to the next show. That way any following shows that are not canceled can play on time. and anyone taping a show that is on hours after the game can still enjoy their show. This way only one show gets canceled and then it just needs to re-air later on in the week. Most TiVos or DVRs will grab the next showing of a program that it hasn’t already recorded.

Of course that is all wishful thinking. God forbid someone doesn’t like sports. It’s blasphemy to admit not liking a sport. In fact, everyone should put aside their lives and kiss the networks ass, because there was no way in hell they’d actually cut off the sports game so other non-sport lovers can watch their shows that they watch just as loyally as the sport-loving people do!

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