Another UTI!

It’s like Deja Vu with UTIs. Ever since Thanksgiving 2005 I’ve had now 4 maybe 5 UTIs. One was with a pregnancy, one was after a miscarriage and the others were during possible pregnancies that never happened including this time. It is soooo frustrating. I worry so much now that every time I pee, if I feel any slight pressure in the area, I think it’s another UTI. This time just happened to be true. I think the last one was about two months ago. The pharmacists are already starting to remember me and the meds I generally require.

Now, I gotta call my doctor tomorrow. She’s going to want to send me to a urologist. I also have a math final and a math quiz tomorrow so I don’t want to miss that. It’ll be my last day of classes for this term. I don’t want to miss that! Besides, I like math.

I just wonder why I get these infections so easily. I thought maybe my MS has compromised my immune system so much that it allows for these UTIs to occur but I don’t seem to get sick otherwise so that can’t be it. I thought maybe it’s the soap I use in the shower. I know some of the UTIs I’ve gotten were caused from the soap in the pee area, but plenty of women get soap there and don’t get sick so I’m not entirely sure that’s completely it. I did wonder if it’s the older K-Y jelly that I sometimes use. If it’s that old (it’s a few years old) could it cause an infection? It might, so I’m going to have to discuss this with my doctor again. YECK

Well, I just want to know what I need to do to avoid this in the future. This is starting to eat away at my sense of humor about it. I hate that it always seems to happen at the worst possible times. At least it’s not at the end of the week like usual so at least I can see my doctor before the medicine takes it all away. The only other thing about the timing of these UTIs is that it’s often around the most opportune time for baby making. It’s so easy to think that someone is getting a kick out of making me go through these life obstacles, but I refuse to believe that. I would rather think it’s just bad timing and leave it at that.

Well, I guess it’s just an enigma I shall have to find out after time.

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  1. A quick update:

    Basically, the doctor decided not to send me to a urologist. She decided to just try to figure out what could be causing the infections instead. So I have to buy dye/perfume free body wash such as dove, for example. I have to make sure I only use a newer k-y jelly and nothing that is getting old. I have to keep track of how I wipe, and I have to keep an eye out on when the UTIs actually start up. This is a process of elimination.

    Apparently, some women get UTIs directly due to sex. The doctor said she often prescribes a low dose of the antibiotic that’s used to treat UTIs but to take in once after sex just to keep the urinary tract in better working order and to stop being so sensitive.

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