The Teachers Posted my grades!

I got a nice surprise today as I looked through my email. A teacher emailed me telling me he posted my grades for the math class already. I went ahead and took a look, and I got an A for both courses. YAY!

I’m not too surprised about the math grade since I enjoy math so much, but I had my concerns for my Freshman Orientation class. The teacher talked to me, however, this past Tuesday and told me he’d like to show off my folder we all put together throughout the term. I made this folder look really nice too. I copied a painting I painted in college…well part of it. It was too big to fit and I thought a hint of the painting would look nice anyhow. Inside I arranged my work very neatly. All assignments on the right side. Any projects were put on the right side. Well most of the projects. The smaller projects were among the assignments where the teacher wanted them. Well either way, I found out I also got an A on my term paper. That was about Multiple Sclerosis and how it might effect a woman who is pregnant and after her pregnancy physically, psychologically, and emotionally as well as how it can effect her family. It was only a 5 page paper, but I am rather proud of it!

I went ahead and checked out my schedule for next term again. I will be taking Medical Office Administration and Patient Intake & Infection Control. To my surprise, they went ahead and posted the following terms classes too for February as well. WHAT!? I see they put me in Anatomy & Physiology II! Well, I’m going to see about that. I already took it! Bah! I don’t want to take it again, but I just don’t feel confident enough to test out of it. I’d have to get at least an 80% to test out of a class. I know I have enough credits for the course, so I’m sure it was just added in error. I’m also taking EKG & Invasive Procedures. I’m looking forward to that! That should be very interesting! I’m not sure if that will include taking blood but I know I’ll be learning to do that as well. Taking blood is an invasive procedure, so I’m pretty sure that is involved in that class.

Hopefully, I’ll get that A&P II class cleared up. It’ll be interesting if I do get out of that class, what class they’ll put in its place.

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