First Week New Term

What an interesting week it it has been. My Medical Office Administration class is small. The teacher is very talkative. He’s generally a fast talker but I feel I can follow along. I wasn’t sure we hit it off the first day though. He started talking about wholistic health and the history of medicine. I don’t feel he completely gets the concept of wholistic health. He seems to think it’s about believing it’ll work that makes it work. I don’t agree at all! Some things work whether you believe it or are open to it or not. Massage works for example, even if you don’t believe in it’s medical benefits. A non-believer of massage’s benefits walks in to a massage business with a sore neck with limited neck rotation. The therapist finds a knot in his upper traps and uses trigger point therapy, stretching, and some heat. That same non-believer walks out of the office feeling much better and is able to turn his head either direction. He may still walk out of there, not believing that massage has any medical benefits, but he’s sure feeling much better than he was before!

I actually talked with him about that the next time the class got together, his attitude towards me was not what I thought it was. Although I don’t feel he still understands fully what wholistic medicine is about, I do understand that he had no problem with me being a massage therapist. I didn’t get into his attitude before, but it seemed on the first day that he didn’t like the ‘alternative’ medicine and that he was uncomfortable knowing that I was a massage therapist. Anyhoo, It seems like it’s going to be a good class.

My other class, Patient Intake & Infection Control, looks like it’s going to be hard but fun. The teacher is perfect for this class. She’s funny, but she’s stern. She seems to be a little germaphobic, so what better teacher would there be to teach a class how to be the cleanest they can be for a job that requires them to be almost sterile. She’s very strict on how people talk to each other and react to each other. No ugly faces to gross topics and absolutely no disrespecting people who ask what might be considered a stupid question. There’s a lot of teaching in the class but there are some hands on stuff that we will be doing this next week. I’m looking forward to that since tactile learning is the best way for me to learn anything. Visual is ok for me, but auditory is the hardest. Both classes this term promise to have a little of all learning styles involved. The Intake & Infection class will most likely have more hands on than the Administration class, however.

Well, I already have a test this Tuesday for the Administration class and a bunch of homework to do for the Intake class. Guess I better get cracking on studying for them! 😉

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