I just don’t get it

I see it so often around here. People leave their dogs off the leash wandering on the streets. It’s one thing if it’s a stray dog. Then you understand why they are wandering like they do, but when you see a color and generally clean looking dog wandering around on busy roads, I get to wondering why these people even have a dog.

I just don’t get it! If you buy a dog, don’t you want to add it to your family? If you want a guard dog, then you treat it like a guard dog. You have a fence and a sign of some sorts. But to let a non-protective dog wander around risking it’s life, what kind of person approves of that? They say dogs are stinky…then bathe it. They say dogs rip up the furniture…then train it. They say dogs get sick….take it to the vets for check-ups to avoid the heavy bills. They say dogs potty in the house…again, train it. They say dogs are expensive…can’t afford to take care of it, then don’t buy one. They say their kid promised to take care of it…when was the last time a little child actually took responsibility for a dog and all of its care? They say a dog sheds…then brush it. They say a dog barks too much…again. TRAIN IT! Dogs want to be loved and to be part of a family. That’s how they are. They are like adopting little children. they count on their new owners to care for it. Leaving the dog outside is not the proper way to care for a dog! Just because you have a house outside made for the dog does not give it what it needs. Sure it can survive with water, food, and shelter from the cold and wet days, but how is it going to understand how to behave when children are around? How is it going to know how special he or she is because they get the occasional attention from someone in the household when they get fed?

I’m really only talking about the ones that are left outside on a permanent basis. The ones that are left outside for a few hours then brought back in already have a much better life. They live among their leaders. If they don’t get the affection they require but a warm home and company, that better than staying outside all the time. But is either of these situations really a good life for them? NO! I just can’t understand why someone who spends their money or time searching for a pet/dog for whatever reason and not actually take care of their investment. If it’s for their kid, then teach the kid to love and respect another life. If it’s for yourself because you are lonely, then take care of it as you would want to be loved and respected yourself. If you brought it home because you wanted the American dream, the American dream is an investment. You need to care for your investments and give it proper attention. What kind of life do you think you’d have if you lived in a household or outside of a household where no one pays you any attention and only feeds you and gives you water because they don’t want a dead body to be responsible for? NO! You’d want to be cuddled, loved, given affection, shown appreciation for what you do and what you offer. You’d want the attention and respect you deserve!

So it come back to, I just don’t get it!

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