Strange dream last night

I had a very strange dream. I get those a lot. First off, let me explain what I know about my dreams. I often have dreams that seem to require analyzing. Those dreams are ones that are generally finished when I wake up but I completely remember them. It’s like they aren’t finished until I figure them out while I’m awake. Other dreams I may be aware of but when I’m fully awake, I forget them completely.

I do have the analyzing dream very often and I love trying to figure them out. I had one last night. Let me tell you a little background to the dream. In any analyzing dreams that have a large message to send me, I am usually pictured as a dog or, more often so, with a dog. I was not pictured as or with a dog this time but it did have to do with it I believe.

Dream: I was watching the news when story come on about a fatal car accident. The news released the name of the fatality and it turned out to be one of the dog’s vets. One I happened to admire a lot and one both my dogs like a lot. This is horrible! My reaction to the news was not one of horror though, it was more trying to realize my feelings. I was saddened but ok. That pretty much was the end of the dream. It was short but very focused.

Analysis: Why was I ok with this. I really liked her. My dogs really liked her. I started to realize, the dream was focused on the feelings I had more so than the actual event. Sure I’d be saddened by the doctor’s demise, but in this case I think it had to do with change and letting something go, like the need to be taken care of in a health aspect of my life. Like I said before, I am usually pictured as a dog or with a dog in my dreams, but I felt this vet’s accident had more to do with me as a dog. I’m still unclear as to why I am letting go of this care. I’m still working on that one, but I do feel that I am thinking in the right direction.

Death in a dream does not mean the end of something. It usually means leaving something behind..a change or letting go of something depending on how you are picturing death. I certainly do not with the death of my vet, but I think she, being an admire figure of knowledge, nurturing, and care, her demise has a lot more to do with letting go of one of those things. It could be the change of something in my health. Something in my health that has to do with something kind and nurturing. Could be letting go of something of that nature as well. Due to my recent situation of yet another miscarriage, one could think of the dream having to do with that. I am not sure. I don’t like to think everything I dream of is about that. But it certainly is possible.

I have more analyzing to do, but I feel strongly I’m on the correct road to figuring it out.

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