What DIED in there?!

I was petting Sparky and giving her some nighttime cuddles as usual. I had noticed something very stinky, but I assumed it was gas. I heard her stomach make some REALLY LOUD gurgly noises so I figured I just heard the gas pass through. Well, I didn’t hear anything from that end and it didn’t smell once I raised my head off her side (I didn’t rest my head fully on her or anything, just more of a head hug actually). She raised her head to kiss me and that’s when I smelled it. OMG!!! It was awful! I have never smelled such halitosis in all my life!!

What is it with dog breath that grosses people out? I mean I’ve smelled some nasty people breath in my life, but this smell I whiffed from my dog will haunt me for the rest of my life! <<VOMIT>>

Skye used to be the stinky dog. Her breath smells like a field of lilacs compared to Sparky’s breath now. I just hope it’s nothing to be worried about. Sparky hasn’t been feeling well lately, but it seemed she was getting better. It could be another issue all together, or just a bad day of doggie breath. I gave her some doggie breath mints that’ll hopefully take care of the situation at least for a little while.

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