Would You Believe Another UTI?

Would you believe it? I have another UTI. This friggin’ sucks!! I’ll admit, I recently have been intimate with my husband. I haven’t had any problems and the last time we did anything, I didn’t get sick. I thought these episodes were over! I changed my body wash to something hypoallergenic. I made sure I cleaned with those special wipes for women parts. I was so careful! I even made sure the KY jelly was in good condition and not ancient.

Well, My hubby looked up KY jelly and allergies and it turns out KY jelly does have an allergen in it. But I am not sure I am allergic to it. However, what makes it suspicious is we both found we are reactive to the Dove hand soap that has a certain chemical in it that KY jelly also has.  We are going to try a hypoallergenic lubricant next time…Astroglide I think? There are others, but we aren’t going to go out and buy all of them at once. Other wise, the only conclusion I have to this is I’m allergic to sex! How frustrating is that?!? Ok it wouldn’t technically be an allergy, but there’s certainly a connection.

My hubby went looking through the internet on what to do about UTIs and many sites suggest using a large amount of lubricant that can help keep the bacteria from spreading. I always thought it was better to not use too much. Interesting theory. I may have to bring this up with my doctor.

Oh boy. I’m waiting until 8am to call and see if the receptionist will actually fit me into an emergency appointment today. Last two times I tried to get an appointment, the receptionist  would give me the next available normal appointment. Both times, I mentioned this to my doctor and she was so mad! I think I may have mentioned that in my last complaint about a UTI here. I’ll just remind the receptionist of that if she tries to yet again offer me the next available normal appointment. If she refuses, I’m just going to have to go to the hospital. I have no other choice. I hate going there. Not because it’s the hospital, but I feel like it’s something I’m so used to, why should I bother, but I need to get the medicine somehow. I could always ask my mother. I hate bugging her though. I guess I’ll just have to do what I have to do. The pharmacy I go to already knows what dosage to get me. I was hoping to get a different medication. I doubt I’m pregnant now. I have NO signs and it’s just following a D&C I had 4 weeks ago. I was intimate with my husband, but on off times. Not that that would stop anything from developing, but I still doubt it happened that quickly. I suppose I should take my precautions and take meds that are pregnancy safe…just in case.

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