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So you may wonder why I’ve taken such a long break before writing more stuff here. I basically just have been so focused on my IVF venture that I just needed to take time off.

As I talk to a friend of mine about my funny habits, I realize I have a tendancy of disapearing for a brief time. I guess this has been one of those times. I haven’t been doing much online lately either. My classes at school last term kept me busy as a bee. This term, on the other hand, has been much easier. I have keyboarding….Yes! I know how to type. I just make TONS of typos that I need to get rid of so I didn’t challenge this class. I needed the practice. Boy, I had no idea how badly I needed the fine tuning!

I also have Human Anatomy & Physiology II which is easy for me. Mainly because I already took it in my massage school, but I was required to take it since I didn’t do so well in that class back in 2000. I actually unstand everything. I thought I did well in that class in 2000, but I do sometimes have a hard time remembering names of things.

My A&P II teacher Dr. Blake is pretty nice. She’s not as approachable as some of my other teachers, but she does try to keep up a happy feeling in the class. Most people I talk to don’t like her much, but I don’t see anything bad about her teaching. She kind of threw me a bit by insisting that we all stay and do the homework in class, but on the other hand, I like not having to do anything at home. My favorite teacher so far is Dr. Bullock. She’s very approachable and easy to understand. Her tests are challenging but not ridiculously hard. She’s creative and really seems to enjoy teaching. I also like Mr. Butler. I’d consider him to be an easy going teacher. He talks fast but being from NY myself, I’m used to fast talkers. They aren’t too common around here though. His tests are fairly difficult but I’m starting to really appreciate the short answer tests. You can explain your answer if you need to if you can’t remember the exact wording you were taught. Dr. Springer is probably the hardest teacher. She’s very knowledgable in her field of science, but her tests don’t make much sense. She takes questions out of a book we don’t even study and some of the questions she has on the tests don’t match up with the discussions she has in class. When she’s in a good mood, which is most of the time, she’s fairly approachable. I also had Mr. Weese. I liked him. He is definitely more of a computer teacher than a medical teacher. That’s what he taught so no complaints there. He was friendly and kept the class busy. I had Dr. Brown for Orientation. He is a very nice guy. Not very organized with that class, but he was tossed into that class last minute from my understanding. So, I won’t hold it against him. To sum this teacher review up, I like my teachers. I am happy to work with them so far. I’m sure I’ll meet one I don’t like, but so far I’ve been impressed with who the school has hired.

As far as me goes, I’m working on my IVF. I’ve started my Lupron shots and I’ll be getting off of the birth control pills tomorrow (Friday). I have to call my IVF nurse when my Aunt Flow arrives so she can schedule my next ultrasound and tell me when to start the Follistim injections. It’s so good I’m used to giving myself shots. After taking the multiple shots I have to for the IVF treatments, I’m going to start wondering if I’m going to start leaking what I drink out of my belly! The only shot I’m worried about is the Progesterone shots. The needle is about 1 1/2″ long and fairly thick. My husband is going to have to stick that into my ass (I refuse to make a bad joke here though it’s not easy to avoid. He’s never handled a needle before. I know he’ll be able to do it, but the progesterone is a thick liquid, and it’s not going to squirt easily. Sorry, Baby, you may have to use force! <<SHIVER>> I’m not looking forward to it. Actually, if I get pregnant, he’ll have to be giving me the shot through my 10th week of pregnancy! EEK! Well, it’s for a good cause. I think I will be ok. He’s more nervous about it than I am, but I have a lot of faith in what he is capable of handling!

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