Guess What……

That’s right! The IVF treatment has so far worked! I not only got a positive but my HCG test came back with very good numbers. Better than my last tests! 314! Usually at this time, I only have in the 100’s which is within normal range, but it’s generally thought of if the numbers are higher, the pregnancy is stronger! I hope this one sticks. It’s all I can ask for at this point in time.

I’m going back in for a second blood test on Monday to make sure the numbers are doubling. Then they will get me in for an ultrasound. They usually like having the first ultrasound around my 6th or 7th week so they can confirm a strong heartbeat. I hope I make it that far. I may get an earlier ultrasound since I’m considered a high risk pregnancy. I’ve had so many miscarriages, they like to try to catch the problem before it happens so they can detect what might be causing the problem.

Right now, I’m about 4 weeks 4 days along. That’s only an estimate. Though, I know exactly when my egg was fertilized (May 22 on my birthday) the pregnancy is still determined by the first day of your last period. Fine with me. I just want a healthy baby in my arms at the end of a full term pregnancy.

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  1. Well the follow up blood test was 1037! That means it’s still going the way it should I can’t wait for my first ultrasound, which will be June 28. That’ll be in my 7th week. We’ll see what happens. If the baby measures at 7 weeks or so, it’ll be further along than before.

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