Career Orientation and My Job Search (long)

I am now at the point where I am waiting to call for the response, but do you wanna know how I got here? It’s not that interesting really but I’ll talk.

It started last week when I realized I have to start finding a place that will take me in as an extern…maybe even a permanent employee as well. I had gotten a name from a friend/classmate at school about this OB/GYN that may be interested in taking in another student for at least an extern. She explained how her friend that worked there really liked it there. She learned how to work everywhere in the place. She mentioned how nice the place was with TVs and recliners in the rooms and the waiting room. The only gripe she had was they worked her to death. She left because she wanted a place with better hours, but she loved the staff there and the doctor (at the time, there was only one doctor working there). EEK those hours made me nervous, but it sounded like a great learning experience. I decided to give them a call.

Tuesday afternoon, I decided to just go ahead and get it done. I had already done some research on the office through the internet and found some great reviews about the doctors working there. These were recent reviews on how pleasant the doctors were there (there were reviews on each one, not collectively), and how relaxing the atmosphere was. The staff also got a great review comment. I felt confident that this was a good place to try out. I called up the number and a woman answered the phone. I explained I was a student and I am looking to fill an externship position or possibly a future employee position. She told me to hold on so she see if the person who is in charge of externs is available. She promptly returns and explains that everyone is on the phone and cannot talk to me right now. I just replied with a thank you and left my name and number for that person to call back.

Wednesday arrived, it was my first day of career orientation class in the morning (ugh! An early class on the same day as one of my now difficult night classes 🙁 ). I get to class about 2-3 minutes late. They already started. I felt awful about my tardiness, but it was only 2-3 minutes. It was an interesting class. We got a lot of information about résumé writing, follow-up letter writing, and a cover letter. Our assignment was to call up a company of interest and get a name by Thursday. If possible get an interview, but the assignment only requires a name of someone to contact and the name of the company. I had already done that the day before! …but, I did not get a name.. OOPSIE! I asked one of the teachers what should I do about the place I already contacted. He said to give them one full day before calling back again. No problem, but meanwhile I was to still call another company to get a name.

The class ended at 1pm and we were let out. I was EXHAUSTED! I called my friend from home, and I realized how badly I was slurring my words. I knew this assignment was not going to be easy because of this. I also had to call back the teacher with whom I was to do a mock interview with and confirm the appointment or change it. I found out I wanted to change it. So, I called him back. Before he answered his phone, I mustered up as much energy as I could so I didn’t sound drunk on the phone. That went well, but as soon as I hung up, I was back to drunk speak. This was not going to work. I decided to have some lunch with my husband and watch a little TV with hopes I could get up enough energy to call someone. Not a chance! I fell asleep. It was a much needed nap, but once I realized the time, I panicked. I don’t like missing my work nor being late for anything. I just got so frustrated. I had not found anyone to call, and I had to get to my night class (which apparently I had a test for and I had completely forgotten about it!) I had to skip the assignment.

Thursday came around and I went to my morning class unprepared and surprisingly more awake than expected…considering I was crying myself to sleep the night before since I was so stressed out…with the menstrual cramps and my exhaustion, it’s no wonder I haven’t completely lost it.) It seemed not everyone got the assignment in and they understood. Some people get busy during the day and just cannot find the time to get their work in. I did at least get to explain the phone call I made before the course began. The other teacher told me that the office I am trying to call might actually be too busy to take on anyone new but it wouldn’t hurt to call them. She also mentioned the person’s name to contact there. I knew that name dropping is always helpful, so I was happy to at least get someone’s name. During class, we discussed the interview questions and how to answer them. That was SO helpful. I get so nervous with answering the questions. Of course, these are only common questions. It doesn’t cover all questions that an interviewer would possibly ask. The class ended a little early that day. I actually left feeling a little more confident about interview questions.

That afternoon, it was time to call the OB/GYN’s office again to find out if I can get an interview. I call back and a different woman answered the phone from Tuesday. She handed the phone over to the interviewer (who I will call Sandy Baker), who just happens to be the person my teacher mentioned to me. Sandy got on the phone and introduced herself. I mentioned who I was and that I was looking for an externship job. I also mentioned that I found out her name from my teacher (the career adviser). Suddenly, she did not seem so impressed. She got upset explaining that she just talked to my adviser about not sending any more students their way because they are so full and can’t take on anymore extern students! I realized how pushed she must have felt, so I explained that the adviser didn’t even know I called her office until today. I mentioned that she warned me their office might not be able to take on a new student but it wouldn’t hurt to call. Sandy calmed down and agreed, it is always good to call. PHEW! That office must have been really busy, but she seems like a level-headed person, and she doesn’t let her emotions get too far ahead of her. She asked me if I was interested in working with an OB/GYN. Very much! All I am looking at are OB/GYNs anyhow. She then went on to explain how busy the office is now that they hired a new doctor and that would be the only reason why they can’t take me in, but she said she’s going to ask the doctor if they feel they can take on a new extern anyhow. She told me she’ll probably get back to me the next day (Friday). That’s fine. Friday is good for me.

Well, I had to take my husband to his dentist appointment. On the way there, the office called me. Sandy called back and said they’d like to set up an interview with me. WOW! That was fast and they DO want to see me! YAY!!!! That’s all I could ask for…a chance. We agreed on 1pm on Friday.

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