My Job Interview (continued from the job search post)

Friday has arrived. It’s time for my interview. I started to get my things together, but I was unable to fit my school portfolio in the portable file portfolio that I had. I made a mad dash to the near by office supply store to find a portable portfolio large enough to carry everything, but compact enough that it didn’t look like I was packing my entire room to move there. I had to cancel my acupuncture appointment, but it was well worth it! I get into my interview clothes and head off to meet Sandy.

I got there probably about 12:35 which is early but not too early. I notified the woman at the front desk about my presence and sat down on one of the recliners. I didn’t recline…I wanted to, but I had to look professional even while I waited. I took noticed of the waiting room. It was kind of small and very purple (royal purple with a diamond pattern), but the people waiting looked very comfortable. I was a little concerned that more than half the people waiting were looking like they were sleeping. That implied they were all waiting for a long time to be called on. Not that it was a big deal, but it just confirmed how busy they really were. I waited for about 30 – 35 minutes before Sandy called me in. She didn’t extend her hand to get a hand shake, so I didn’t bother trying. She seemed to just want to get me in to the back room. Beyond the waiting room, the office turned to a loud orange color with the same diamond pattern on it. She took me into the back room which appeared to be old and traditional looking. Sandy explained this was the doctor’s office (I’ll call him Dr. Smith). She also explained the this was the original doctor’s office who told his wife to decorate the entire place of business except his office. That is why it looked so old. I did notice there were a lot of disorganized papers thrown about in the office. That only made Dr. Smith look more human to me. So far I am feeling very comfortable here.

Sandy continued her interview by talking about how she and Dr. Smith moved here from West Virginia. She really enjoyed working with him which is why she moved with him. He is a married man with 5 kids and wanted a more kid friendly place to live which is why he moved to Cary. He bought the place from the original doctor that was retiring. He has since made it his own. The other doctor that now works there came from a larger group of doctors that wanted to work on their own. He ended up moving into Dr. Smith’s office with his wife, who just happens to be a former massage therapist, and most of his patients. That’s why the office is SO busy. Also, Sandy explained that they just hired a new girl who did not have any training as a medical assistant which she was training from scratch on how to do things. She said ultimately, she just needs to decide if she can not only do her own job, but train this new girl as well as me. They want to take on a new medical assistant, since they’ve had some great experiences with students from my school in the past. She mentioned the last student’s name and how they were really sad to see her go. I mentioned I’m a friend of her close friend (I’ll call her Susan). Sandy recognized the name and was very happy to hear that I knew her. She asked me if I was looking at any other businesses. I explained they are the first company I called. She was curious if I had contacted a different type of doctor. I explained that everyone on my list to call was an OB/GYN office. That made her happy. There were a couple of other questions and discussion that continued for a little bit. We both seemed to be interested in the same sort of things and both were very fascinated with the way the female body works and the miracles it can produce. Towards the end of the interview, Sandy asked me if I had any questions for her. She already explained how much she likes it there, so I could only think of a couple of questions. I asked her if they accept certifications. She proceeded to tell me they do and it’s good to get certified. I realized I think she thought I was talking about a medical assistant certification, but I clarified about continuing education. She said they do. I then asked if they do review periods. She said that a lot of offices do, but they really don’t. I was ok with that. She mentioned it’s such a small office that they are able to see what their co-workers are doing without the reviews. I then mentioned how I was looking for a small office environment to work in, because of how well people get to know each other. She appeared pleased with that answer.

After our interview, Sandy said that Dr. Smith would like to meet me, but it might take a few minutes since he’s in the middle of working with a patient. Not a problem. So I sat there for what seemed like 30 minutes. I took that time to look around the office and look at Dr. Smith’s family pictures. He had a very friendly smile which made me feel more at ease about meeting him. His office kind of reminded me of my father’s office. That was a good thing. I can see he’s a busy man, but he doesn’t come across as having a stiff personality either. I continued to sit for a while. I’d get up every now and then to stretch my legs though.

Suddenly I hear Sandy and the doctor whispering outside the door. He wanted to know my name, but then mentioned he has something he needs to do and maybe I should go into the other doctor’s office until he’s ready. Then they mumbled something I couldn’t hear. I didn’t mean to listen in the first place, but the door was slightly ajar and they were whispering loud enough that I could hear. I doubt they knew I could hear though. Then Dr. Smith came in. I was about to get up to shake his hand but he seemed more interested in getting comfortable in the office, which was not very big anyhow. Dr. Smith already had a friendly energy about him. He didn’t seem like he was unable to focus on the slide and interview me at the same time. He mentioned he needs to look at a slide for a sec. I did ask if he wants me to excuse myself while he does his work, however. He didn’t want me to leave, so I stayed. He studied the slide for a minute and then backed up and asked me if I had ever worked in a medical setting before. I mentioned I was a massage therapist and in NY they trained us as medical massage therapists. I also have a certificate in pre- and perinatal massage which taught me to work with specific conditions as well. He was very intrigued! He agreed that means I’ve had some experience in the setting with patients. He then studied his slide again and then discarded it after he made that “OK, I now have the answer” sound in his throat. He then proceeded to ask me if I’ve meet with anyone else. I thought he meant with another business so I proceeded to go on about how they are the first company I have met with. He then cleared up what he was asking and wanted to know if I’ve met anyone else in this office. I told him I’ve met him, Sandy, the woman at the front desk of whom I never got her name, and the other doctor’s wife came in briefly but I was never introduced. He continued to ask me if I think I would fit in to this office. I said confidently, “Yes, I think I would.” He agreed with a “I think you would too.” He then got up to talk about this with Sandy.

I continued to wait since I got the idea that I wasn’t done there just yet. The office manager walked in and introduced herself. I didn’t quite catch her name, and I was too nervous to think of asking for it again. She sat down and asked me if I will be doing administrative work. I think I missed the point of that question. I think she wanted to know what we learned in school so far, but I continued to tell her that the school requires me to work in four areas; front desk, back office filing and paperwork, laboratory, and directly with patients. She accepted that answer, but I’m pretty sure she was also looking for what I can do. She then proceeded to tell me more about some of the people in the office. Then she told me to wait so she can talk to Sandy. She returned quickly saying they would like to get me started if they can make room. I asked her when will I hear about whether I can start here. She told me next week. I then asked her if I should call. She said to call Sandy on Monday. On my way out, I confirmed that with Sandy. I was on my way feeling very good about that interview!

Now, I’m just waiting for the answer. I’m about to call today. I hope I get a good answer, but if I don’t, Sandy has made it very clear that it isn’t because of me, it is only if they are unable to make the room.

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