Well here I am again…

Yesterday I came home after my supervisor gave me a very questionable but good report on my weekly evaluation. I decided to call my career adviser from school about it. Turned out, my supervisor had just called and told her that she could not supervise me because she does not have the time to watch me. Also, on a funny coincidental note, a family practice office called looking for an intern to fill immediately. At the time I called, they had closed, but they are in a place I like to work and a practice I’m interested in working with. So, as luck may have it, I may have another place to work without worrying about taking time off.

Today, I got a call from the other career adviser and it seems the new place is very happy to take me in for the hours I want to work AND for the 4 weeks I have left to work. The Wednesday after Christmas, I am to arrive at 8:30am just to meet the doctors and the staff. I may be asked to start work that day, but no one is certain of that. I’ll be ready. It’s early as hell, but I’m serious about this job and I’m hoping to make an impression. I really didn’t want to work with kids, but they will be only some of the patients I see there. This practice treats families, which I think may be something I’m interested in. There will be some pregnant women there, of which I love working with, but there will also be men and children. The last place I worked at, mostly everyone was older in age. It’ll be a nice change of pace with people of all ages.

Wish me luck!

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