I Made It!

This is officially the beginning of my second trimester! So, you know what I did…besides congratulate my hubby? I listened in with my Doppler. I heard both babies kicking, and for the first time, I heard both heart beats! Baby A was at 155 and Baby B was at 146. Can you believe that? Of course their heart rates were all over the place, but I saw those numbers more often so that’s the average of the moments for them. Baby B sits on top of Baby A so it’s easy to distinguish between them now.

I just can’t wait for my February 14th ultrasound appointment. That’s the big appointment where they look over the anatomy of each baby and even determine the gender if the babies cooperate. I hope they do. I really want to know!  It amazes me how much I’m showing. I’m so proud of my belly too. I never thought I’d actually feel proud of how big it is! I’m a bit overweight to begin with so looking at my belly sticking out usually makes me feel fat and not so good about it. But, not I just stare at it in the mirror and smile. I know they are in there. I know why it’s getting bigger. I even hold my belly sometimes and think good thoughts to encourage the babies’ growth and health.  I’ll even talk to them. I know they can’t hear me know, but I can’t help it. I just love them!

The only thing now I’m wondering is..how are the dogs going to react when they see they have a new human family to watch over. Funny thing is, I do feel Sparky will not feel as threatened with her human parents’ children as she does with other people’s children. I feel confident that Skye will also adapt well. But, I can’t help but wonder. No matter what, I’ll make it work!

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