My BIG Ultrasound

Today was a big day for me! Let’s start with the ultrsound.

I got to Duke right on time. I was ready to go. Me and my hubby got taken back in to the main ultrasound room and I was told to lay on the table  with my shirt up and my pants pulled somewhat down. I was already getting excited. I wanted to know so badly what their genders are. I was almost praying, “Gimme a girl! I hope we have a girl!” I mean, we already have a name picked out and thoughts of how it would be to have a girl or two. We want a boy, but also a girl.

So, the ultrasound tech starts with Baby. She went ahead and asked did we want to see their genders. I of course answered calmly (thought felt like jumping with excitement at the thought), “Yes please.” …teehee, I’m so polite. She decided to just go straight for the hotdog search. Low and behold, Baby A was sitting there spread eagle exposing his boy parts for all to see. There was no denying what we saw!!! Oh my! That was awesome! We got ourselves a baby boy! The tech continued on to do the rest of the measurements. Baby A was pretty cooperative and let her see just about everything she needed to. Apparently though, the spine was still too small to count the individual vertebrae and the heart was not a good size for them to measure. I hope there’s nothing wrong, but it looked good on the screen!

On to Baby B! There was a tech in training sitting in the room during the ultrasound. The 1st tech decided to let her have a go at it while she sat in a separate room where she could watch exactly what was going on. That was fine with me, though I could tell she hadn’t been doing this more than a few days. Of course, to make things more difficult, Baby B decided to dance around a bit and hide everything. Baby B put its hands on its face which also in turn shadowed the heart area making it difficult to get a good view of the heart. Also Baby B would cover its genitals and hold the legs together making it difficult to see the privates. With a couple of views, the tech said she saw little boy parts. Not that I didn’t have a feeling this baby was also a boy, but I wanted to make sure. I so wanted a girl, so I just wanted to be 100% sure I had two boys. She wouldn’t zoom in. I’m not sure she knew she could at that point. Well, she continued to get a bunch of other needed measurements and then got the 1st tech to come back in to complete the wiener search. There were some measurements that were still needed. The spine again was too small to count and the heart was a little harder to see for measurements again. Funny enough, for tech #1, Baby B decided to be a bit more generous of his privates and the tech was able to get a great shot. Yep! Definitely a boy! We have two boys! I’ll admit, I did start to tear up. Don’t get me wrong. I am happy we are having two boys, but I really did want a girl too.

Well, all in all, we got two healthy baby boys. Baby A was measuring at 18w 4d and Baby B was measuring at 17w 4d. My appointment was at 17w 4d so Baby A is one week ahead! I have to go back for more measurements soon so I get to see the little fellas again!

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