The naming of a baby

Well, it’s time to start thinking about names. To our amazement, we came to a complete agreement on one of the names. Kiefer Charles. NO! He’s not named after the actor, Kiefer Sutherland. It’s an awesome name and not one we hear a lot. So that was easy. When we originally thought, or hoped, that we were going to have a girl too, we were going to use a second middle name as well… Kiefer Charles Frank. But, since we now have two boys, the other boy will have Frank as a middle name.

This is where things got difficult. We have a middle name and that’s great! But, what about the first name? There are so many cool girl names out there, but we just can’t seem to agree on a boy’s name. I swear I’ve gone through the entire list of online names and we still can’t find a name that interests Jason. We came close with William, but not quite. It’s not a name either of us would normally choose, but it seemed to work well with Frank and the nicknames are nice (Will, Bill, Billy, Willy). On to another. I like Aaron, but I don’t like the nicknames… Ari, Ron, Ronny. Jason didn’t like Aaron anyway, so it didn’t matter either way. It seemed Daniel made a hit and is still a good possibility. I like the nicknames… Dan, Danny, but yet there’s still some hesitation in the commitment to that name. I’m not 100% sold on it and neither is Jason. However, if that’s the name we agree on, then I’ll be happy. We still want to find something unique, yet not exotic.

I mentioned this to my cousin and he loves the name Kiefer, but really does not like the name Daniel. He’s not the one naming him, but it was nice getting some input. He wants to name his son if he has one some day Finn. He made me promise not to use it. I told him there won’t be a problem there. It doesn’t go with Frank. Finn Frank does doesn’t roll off the tongue nicely. So we are happy in agreement!

So now, we are still at page one with the names. We have one or two on the list we are considering, but we need more ideas! We already agreed that if we adopt a girl, we are going to name her Matilda. Middle names would either be Maureen Caroline or Caroline Maureen. I like Caroline Maureen best. Either way, it doesn’t matter now! We need to focus on boy names!

Well, I’ll update when we find and agree on a name!

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  1. Well, we seemed to have agreed on a name.

    Baby A: Cameron Frank
    Baby B: Kiefer Charles

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