Leaving on a jet plane

We are going on vacation. Well, that’s all great, but there are concerns. My mother has brought them up and they are valid concerns. Though I know some of her concerns are more, why can’t I visit her? I would, but my hubby really needs to see his grandma. She’s starting to show her age and we’d like to be able to see her before he mind does keep her from remembering anything.

I understand my mother wanting to see me at her place. I honestly do, but I have seen her more often than my father and I’d like to see him. He too has not been doing well and I haven’t been able to see him since he has been in and out of the hospital. I hope my mother can learn to understand my need for this. I didn’t want her to feel bad that I want to see my dad this badly that I’m willing to fly while pregnant. I’m so tired of not seeing him and this is my chance. Sure, he’ll be coming down when these babies are born most likely in June, but we may not be seeing Jason’s family for much much longer.

Neither of us want to travel with twins for a while. I will not get the chance to go anywhere for a long time once these two boys have come into this world. Unfortunately, this means Mom is going to have to wait a bit longer to see us at her place. I will suggest, however, that the next trip we make is to see her. It’s the best I can offer her. I hope she will accept that.

Meanwhile, I am nervous about taking the plane, but surprisingly enough, my doctor wants me to take a plane over a train. I’ll only be in the air for an hour as opposed to 10 hours in a train. It is more convenient, and although stressful, it does allow us to hang out with friends and family more than if we went by train. Had we gone by train, we’d have to take another train once we got to NYC in order to get to Long Island. We’d probably have to take a cab from my Dad’s house to get back to the train, and then we may have to get another cab to get back home. My aunt June may pick us up, but we still wouldn’t have time to get the dogs until the following day making the cost of the dogs go up. Overall, even though the train ride is cheaper, in the end, it’ll equal out or the plane may actually be less expensive. We will be able to get the dogs when we get back and not have to wait an extra day, not to mention drop the dogs off the day we leave. That’ll save us dog money. Also, no cabs, since my in-laws will probably pick us up and lend us a car to get around, and we won’t be staying with my Dad since that will become less convenient, and because we are not taking the train anymore.

My doctor brought up during our appointment that he usually advises his patients that if they plan to travel while pregnant, keep in mind that they may have to give birth where they travel to. It is not a problem if you do not mind giving birth where you travel to, but if you do not want to take the risk, don’t travel. I don’t mind the idea of traveling to NY and giving birth there. I am going to be traveling during my 23rd and 24th week of my pregnancy (I’ll be at 6 months…still in my second trimester), so I do have high hopes that nothing will go wrong. That is WAY too early for me to go into labor. But, I have become a bit more gutsy since this pregnancy has lasted as long as it has. My mother reminded me that I didn’t want to travel in December, but I reminded her that that was during my first trimester and I had always had my miscarriages then. Being that I have lasted this long, I’m taking my chances however cautiously.

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