General Thoughts About The Babies

Well, I just felt like talking, so I figured I’d just update you on the what’s going ons about my life at this moment.

NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Yeah, right. as if… LOL! We have been thinking about setting up the babies’ room lately. We’ve gone to Babies-R-Us and picked out a crib (obviously that means two cribs), and crib bedding set, and a stroller.

Well, the cribs look gorgeous! We haven’t actually bought them yet, but they really are so nice! I used to think I had to get the ones that had the sides that lowered down because I was so short. However, this set does not have nay moving parts, but I feel I will be able to reach into the cribs very easily. They are made of pine with the knots still in the wood and are stained a tea stain. It’s not too light, but is very rich looking without being dark colored.

The crib bedding is a little more difficult. We chose a jungle theme. There are a few different options in the store, but the one we like the most does not have a lot of matching accessories. There’s another jungle theme that does have a ton of accessories, but I don’t think I like the bedding as much. SOO, we decided to get the jungle themed bedding we like and whatever accessories from that selection that we like and wish to purchase, but get the rest of the accessories from the other more popular jungle theme. The drawing of the animals are actually quite similar. The accessories aren’t going to matter as much anyhow since they are all similar animals (giraffe, monkey, elephant, zebra, etc…).

We also have been thinking about the color of the room. We are thinking to include a wall border that matches one of the jungle themes about 3′-4′ from the floor. Paint the upper part a buttery/creamy yellow, and the lower part a pale or muted green. If not green then maybe a tan or something along those lines. Either way, the room will look so nice with this two-toned neutral look! We think we can fit in the dresser/changing table, the two cribs, and the rocker chair, along with my hubby’s childhood toy chest and bedside table. The room is going to look SOOO good when it’s done!

The stroller is another irritation. We found the perfect stroller. We are so happy with the way it’s going to work, but it has no matching infant car seats. There is a single version of the same stroller with a matching infant car seat, but that pattern that is also offered in the duo stroller does not come with infant car seats. You cannot even purchase the pattern separately! I’m hoping when I call Graco on Monday, they will be able to let me purchase the matching car seats for the duo stroller in the same pattern. I’d prefer to get the matching set, but if not, then we’ll just have to find a set of infant car seats that both fit and look good with the colors the stroller is themed in.

Meanwhile, here’s another bit of exciting news. My sister-in-law wants to run a baby shower for me. She’s thinking some time in May. Originally, she wanted it in June, but that is so close to my due date and with twins, they can be born any time during June and July. I’m so excited about this shower! I don’t care if it’s a small shower or a large one. I just think that it’s such a nice thought to do this for someone.

I wonder if that is why my mother was also thinking I should ask my sister-in-law to be one of the godmothers? I was originally thinking my hubby’s aunt and uncle for one baby, and my brother and my cousin for the other baby. But, my mother did point out that with having one married couple be a set of godparents, it may make more sense to have my brother and his wife be the other godparents. I know it’s my choice, but I honestly don’t mind at all. They both would make great godparents. I know Godparents have a generally small role in a child’s life. They are guides, they are a connection, and they give the child someone to look up to. They don’t usually have any more of a role than that, but I like the tradition, and I think it’s important to do. We will probably …not definitely, but probably be baptizing both boys as Catholic which means they have to have Godparents. But, if not, then we will still think about picking out godparents just for the tradition of it. Both my hubby and I have them, and we’d like to pass it on. We are also considering asking my brother and my sister-in-law to take care of our boys if something were to happen to us. I’m only a little nervous about that because they already have three boys to take care of themselves. I’m not sure taking in two more would be a good idea. They would be taken care of through inheritance though. Well, that part, I guess we are still thinking about. We have time though.

One thing that is still bugging me (complete change of topic) is that I still don’t feel either baby. I mean, Cameron kicks and bumps my bladder a bunch of times a day. I think it’s cute, but I’d so much rather he kick my belly. I know the placenta is anterior so that may not be easy for me to feel anyway, but I really would like to feel that again. Kiefer is also another baby I don’t feel. His placenta is posterior, but I guess he’s just not strong enough to kick me hard enough that I can feel it. I know I’m only 21 weeks, and I may not feel them for another week or so. But, I did feel them one time about 3 weeks ago, and I just wish I could feel that again. I still love listening to them through the Doppler. It does give me some peace of mind, at least.

Well, I’ve rambled long enough. I suppose that’s what happens when I don’t post a lot on here.

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