Big purchases for the adults

Well, we’ve been thinking about his for a while now and it seems the car we have is just not cutting it. It’s a big car and it’d fit just fine as far as family goes, but with the gas prices going up and the car running at about 13 +/- mpg because it’s a V8 is just eating a hole in our finances. Well, it appears that getting a new car is the best thing to do.

We’ve been considering one that says no lower than 17-18 mpg for city driving (mainly 18), but it is hard to find a car that is big enough to fit two medium-large dogs, two children and two adults that has such a low mileage record. The Toyota Highlander is a good car and the only one that allows us to be spoiled and is priced in our range.That sounds great I’m sure. But, another realization is with two boys in the car, we are going to be driving this car everywhere. With the gas prices rising and probably won’t be dropping to a decent price for a long long time if not ever, even a car with 18+ mpg is not going to save us that much. Some, just not much. So we decided to splurge a bit. The only hybrid car that is, although pricey, has the ability to do everything we want, meaning carry everyone and save us money, is the Highlander Hybrid.

Why spend so much you ask? Well, instead of filling up the 20 gl tank 1x-2x a week. It’ll be more like 2-3 weeks every month. The prius is a great car as is the camry, but they are just not big enough. The Mercury mariner is a hybrid but the fuel is really not much of any savings and the car is too small. The other hybrids we looked at were just not going to cut it either with horsepower, interior room, or gas savings. The Highlander hybrid is the only one that has managed to do everything. In the long run, it just seems to make sense. I’ll be more likely to keep this car longer until I trade it in for a better even more efficient car. The other cars non-hybrid I’ll be more likely to want to trade it in the minute those hybrids become more affordable. Why get a car when you know you are most likely going to want a different one? Leasing a car is always an option, though I’m not sure I want to deal with that. I’d have to limit the amount I drive which, because we only are going to be using one car, is not somethign we can count on. Kids create messes. I can’t promise the car will be in great condition when it gets traded in under a lease condition. it’s just best to finance. For the first year, it might be tight, but I will be getting a job at some point, and that will help to pay for the car payments. I’ll also be on a less expensive health insurance so that’ll help tremendously.

I’m hopeful that this will go through and we can get the car we want. I think it’ll help us out a lot. The car we have is just not going to help us save anything even though it provides the room we need.

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