Our NY Vacation (long post)

We had a good time during our vacation. It started last Thursday and we returned Monday. This is the rundown of our adventures in NY

Let’s start with the car ride to the airport. We had to drop off the dogs first. We were really pushing the time, but it had to be done. On my way there, I tried to park the car but my seat belt locked! I couldn’t see where the lines were so like an idiot, I played tug-o-war with the seat belt and won! Unfortunately, the prize I got was a big toss into the steering wheel. The wheel hit me in Kiefer territory. I had been feeling him move only recently before that. I was a jiffy pop pan the night before between the two of them so I was starting to feel secure that Kiefer is doing well. That changed! Though the steering wheel incident wasn’t too strong, I felt sore there and nothing from Kiefer. I did eventually feel Cameron kick a bit so I was at least happy to feel that he’s ok, but what about Kiefer! I couldn’t stand the idea that I may have hurt him in any way! We decided to go to the airport since nothing seemed to have happened during that accident. I decided to at least get a wheel chair because I didn’t want to overwhelm my body after what happened. On the plane ride, however, I started to feel contractions. Not very strong, but contractions nonetheless about 5 or so minutes apart! OH NO! Please Kiefer! Be ok! Cameron was still kicking though. I had tried to use the bathroom, I wasn’t bleeding at least. I was so happy I got a wheel chair at JFK airport. The ride to the baggage claim was a long, long ride. I was not contracting much by that time at least. We were greeted by hubby’s aunt at the baggage claim. We didn’t have any bags to claim since we packed light, but it was easiest to meet her there. Well all just went home and took it easy for the rest of the day. I needed to rest and try to relax from that morning’s ordeal. I still felt nothing from Kiefer. I’m still worried!

Friday morning, hubby’s aunt and uncle took us to see hubby’s parents’ cemetery. His uncle’s child who had an unfortunate accident also was buried there so we got to see him too. It was nice. It was after some rain so there was soft dirt around there. I got to introduce the two unborn kids to their grandparents….though I never did mention their names. I felt bad about that. I just didn’t think about it! After we said our greetings and hubby’s aunt and uncle planting the flowers for hubby’s parents, we drove off to find my grandparents’ cemetery. That was a bit of a drive, but it was really nice to see my grandparents’ house again. We took pictures in front of it. I of course had to pee so we had to cut that short. We then went to find the cemetery. It had definitely been a long time since I last went there, but we found the sites fairly easily. I introduced their unborn great grandkids to then, plus I remembered to say their names this time), and we placed the flowers hubby’s uncle got for them on the grave stones and took some pictures to give to my mother once they are developed. My mother was nearly in tears when I told her what we were going to do that day. I am happy I did go. I normally don’t because I just feel uncomfortable, but I’m glad I came around and said my hellos. They are my grandparents after all! I even told them the story of when I came to visit once and I felt my grandfather’s presence there. It was both hair raising and comforting to know he’s there watching with me. I can’t say I didn’t feel some presence there when I visited this time, but I think my grandfather was just waiting for my grandmother before moving on. I just felt a certain amount of peace by both of their graves this visit.

The friend I saw on Friday night showed me her house that’s still under construction. It’s coming a long really nicely. I just can’t believe she and her family are still sane after living in the small trailer just outside the house. We went to dinner where we had a good long talk about whatever. We paid for her and her hubby’s dinner since it was so close to both their birthdays. She and her hubby gave me a really nice picture frame with animal pairs (Noah’s Arc theme), and they engraved the bottom with our boys’ names and the year they will be born in. We just can’t pin point a month yet, so it was smart she didn’t try to guess that part. She really wants to come visit us this year. She was just about insisting on it. I don’t mind, but I just won’t be able to deal with a long visit. She doesn’t seem to mind the shorter visit this time. Mainly I explained we won’t be going anywhere. These babies won’t be able to be brought to too many places. Walks, yes, but no restaurants, going out to movies, visiting places….it’s all going to be in our house. She still thinks she’d like to come visit. She loves babies. I don’t mind it for some reason. Maybe because I won’t be able to get out much and it would be nice to see someone from the outside world during the start of this new baby journey.

**Note: Still no kicks from Kiefer, only Cameron…getting more worried.

I saw another friend on Saturday during a time I’m sure she’d have preferred later. She’s not a morning person, but I was going to see my father later that night and there was no way in hell I was going to cancel or move him. He just doesn’t have that flexibility to just come in from an hour away whenever I want. I was also looking forward to having dinner with him. I got some grief on my friend finding a place to park or more so that after she found us and left to find a parking spot, some opened up and I didn’t call her back. As parking goes, once a spot opens up, there is another car taking the spot. Besides I had to pee REALLY bad. I can’t help that I needed to get inside the building so quickly…I’m peeing for three! Well, once we found each other, things got better. Bad idea to go to the mall, though. No one was thinking that it would be that crowded! It was before Easter, however. I was getting phobic or something and cranky which didn’t help. My back was hurting and I was cramping a bit. It was nice seeing my friend even though I’m sure I wasn’t the most pleasant person to be around at that time. I’m just so sorry for the mood I was in. I wish there was something else we could have done, but I didn’t want to hang out at her house nor my hubby’s Aunt’s/Uncle’s house. Nothing really to do in either place and I wanted to get out. Well, maybe next time we’ll figure out a better choice. I’ll have babies by that time so we may have some different idea of things to do. Unfortunately, it won’t be for a while that I even go anywhere!

Saturday night was nice. I saw my father. He was looking tired, but traveling from Africa and London are not exactly around the corner. I don’t doubt that he was still suffering from a bit of jet lag! It sounded like he had a lot of fun biking and taking pictures. I think he mentioned playing a little golf along the way. Not a surprise at all! We had a great dinner! We all had veal. He had piccata and both my hubby and I had Parmesan. We all shared some calamari while my dad also enjoyed some clams. After dinner, we all went to visit my hubby’s aunt and uncle. It was a nice talk. I know my father enjoys seeing them. They shared some dessert and some brandy, shared some adventures and knowledge on cars and stuff. Then my dad went home. He was a bit buzzed form the brandy so of course I’m all worried for him. He got home ok.

**Note: Nothing at first from Kiefer, but when my hubby placed his hands over Kiefer territory, I thought I felt him tumble around. Still nothing beyond that and Cameron was not kicking as much as usual either….still worried, but slight relief.

Sunday was Easter and was expected to be somewhat busy. Well, it turned out one of our invited guests had her baby the night before. She was expected to pop at any time. Well, her baby girl was born Easter morning via c-section. The father is my hubby’s cousin. I was sorry I didn’t get to see them, but I’m very happy for their new addition. What a nice Easter gift! So, the guest list pretty much was me, my hubby, Hubby’s grandmother, aunt, uncle, sister and her partner. The dinner was big as usual. Aunty loves to make her food! Actually hubby’s grandmother pitched in the chicken cutlets which she rules at! The rest of the dinner was wonderful! A cake was served to us for our birthdays. I was actually quite a bit surprised! I was not expecting a birthday cake since neither of our birthdays had arrived yet. They are in May! There was whipped cream, which I learned the new kitty term is whippy cream (hubby’s sister’s cat loves whipped cream and she came up with the nickname whippy cream when talking to her kitty), which actually made the ice cream birthday cake easier to eat for me not to mention it tasted good! Just before chowing down on the cake and other desserts, my hubby made the announcement that we have two boys. A funny story behind that was just before dinner, hubby’s sister asked anyone willing to play to guess the genders. She and her partner guessed a boy and girl, hubby’s grandmother guessed two boys, and apparently hubby’s aunt asked the banana that I was having earlier that day if I was having a girl and boy. She thought I was having two boys originally, but changed her mind. Well, hubby’s grandmother was the winner. She was on a lucky streak because she just won at bingo and some sort of raffle earlier the week before. Well, everyone was very happy and even liked the names! There was something about each name that meant somethign to them. I was so happy to hear that! I love our boys’ names! I wanted to share that pride with family. I know my mother was not entirely pleased with the name Cameron, but she too realized that she’ll get used to it. She doesn’t dislike it, but she normally likes to give names that are definitely male or female. Cameron is unisex (though associated with male), she was thinking about Cameron Diaz. I won’t change it. Everyone seems pleased with the name Kiefer though. It definitely was a good dinner. It was one of those moments that I’ll remember for a long time.

later that night, I was lying on my hubby’s lap and he put his hands on my belly with hopes of feeling something, and to comfort me since I was still nervous. A little time went by when POW! A good strong kick/punch from Kiefer (assuming it was him since it was his normal place to sit) enough that my hubby felt his kick and so did I! Then he felt two more beyond that. Though it’s possible Kiefer wanted more space, I just had a feeling he simply wanted his daddy’s touch. My hubby wasn’t pushing down and nor is his hand heavy, so it may have just been the warmth of his hand that got Kiefer’s attention. I was now also feeling a lot more kicks from Cameron in Cameron territory as well. I felt like the luckiest woman alive! That night, it was back to jiffy popping! I was exhausted from all that worrying, but I was loving each of those kicks. I still was looking forward to hearing them later than night after getting home.

The trip home was easy. I got a wheel chair ride to the terminal. It was a bit of a wait since we got there so early, but it was ok, nothing bad. My hubby had a bit of a headache so that was kind of a bummer. I felt awful for him. The plane ride went smoothly though. No contractions, and there was no turbulence like last time. Once home, we sat down and relaxed for a bit. Then it was time to listen in to the boys! I had a bit of a challenge form my hubby though. He wanted to make sure I heard both heart beats and it had to be one right after the other to make sure they aren’t moving around and I was listening to the same baby both times. I placed the Doppler to the right and slightly above my naval as usual to hear Kiefer. POW! I felt a huge kick at my cervix. WHAT?! Did Kiefer change positions? Had I been feeling him all along and not Cameron?! Oh No! I found his heartbeat though and it was going strong. PHEW! What a relief! I then went on my search for Cameron. I had a heck of a time finding his. He was moving around I assume since I’d hear somethign then nothing. Finally I caught a bit of his heat beat. Enough to get a reading. He was still down below under my naval as usual. Kiefer’s heart rate range was between 145 and 158. Cameron’s heart rate range was between 136 and 147. Good strong heart beats! I am so happy! I still don’t feel Kiefer as often, but I do feel him occasionally. All is well from my perspective! I can’t wait for my ultrasound coming up this next Tuesday!

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