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Well, you’d think our vacation was enough excitement for us. Apparently not!

My hubby needed to see his doctor for an ear humming that has been bugging him for a few weeks now. So, I went with him on Tuesday morning and sat in the waiting room while he saw his doctor. I picked up a reader’s digest and proceeded to read about the FDA. I got a little tired of holding up the small magazine and rested it on my belly for support. Apparently, Kiefer was not too pleased about his new role as a table top and punched the magazine so hard it nearly flew out of my hands. Of course, no one saw what happened, but I don’t help but laugh. I laughed quietly. I think if anyone saw me laugh, however, they’d assume I found something funny in the book I was reading. I just placed my hand on Kiefer and told him I’m sorry and I wouldn’t do that again. I did do as I said and held the magazine up and didn’t rest it on my belly after that. My hubby came back out with a new prescription looking a little unsure of what is happening, or maybe just tired still from the trip back from NY. I couldn’t tell. I told him what happened. He seemed to get a kick out of it (pun pathetically intended).

Well, we get home and decided to pursue looking for a car. Neither of us expected anything to happen for a little while, but we called the normal place and left a message that we were interested in one of the cars whose information was emailed to us through our car salesman. Meanwhile, we decided to take a look and see if the other dealership near us had any similar cars in stock. WOOHOO! There were! We called up the place and we got in touch with a salesman that we had worked with at one point. He gave us a marked down price of the exact car they had in stock and available. It was the perfect car! A Toyota Hylander hybrid limited in cypress pearl and tan leather interior. No nav system, just an upgraded stereo and bluetooth and that was it! It was perfect! Even better, they beat the other dealership by at least 2,000 dollars! We argued it down a little bit, argued up the trade-in value of our car, and we added XMradio. We are in love! We were ready to go home after the place closed (second time that’s happened. I suppose we just talk too much). Because the radio was not installed and we didn’t have any check to pay them with at that time, we assumed we’d be picking up the car the next day once the XM was installed and we handed them a down payment check. Next thing we know is our salesman handed us the keys and sent us on our way in our new unpaid for car! HOLY CRAP! That’s trust for you! We were definitely shocked, and it was all a bit unreal, but hey, we got a new car! The next day, we went immediately to the bank and got the check we needed for the down payment and sent it over. The car was scheduled to get the radio installed alter that day as well so it was no problem. We got there and they were ready to install the radio and we handed over the check for the down payment. They lent us another car so we could go eat at a near by shopping area. That was so cool of them. It was another highlander, but non-hybrid. It was in tan exterior and interior. That was another color we were interested in. After seeing that car, we were so happy we got the green we asked for originally. Don’t get me wrong, the tan is nice, but the green is nicer.

We had a great lunch and got our car back. The salesman we had went through the car system and linked up our phones. It was nice of him, he even got us our 3 months free service from XM even though we already were a customer of theirs. He showed us some of the features of the radio and locking system and sent us on our way. He even made me promise that I was to show him our twins after they are born. Fair enough. I’ll have to bring in the car for maintenance at some point anyhow.

What a nice surprise. That’s it! …NOT! After picking up the car, my hubby just wanted to see if Sears had any idea if and when they were to get the new tv we wanted to trade in our old set for. We were owed credit since our set is broken and that credit was about to run out. Well, our salesman at sears went ahead and looked to see if that specific set was coming in at any time. OOO there it was, and it was going to be arriving this Friday! Also our salesman price matched and beat the price from another store which was really cool! There was a nice deal going on with a 10% off two items in the store as well which made things even cooler! We looked at the blueray players as well. My father was going to get Jason a blue-ray player for Christmas so why not take a look. The only one in stock was a Sony, but the Samsung had a faster loading time. Unfortunately, the Samsung was sold out everywhere, so we could only purchase the Sony. The Sony was good though, just a little slower with the loading time. We took our sweet time trying to figure out the best thing to do. We had some saving options to consider as well as the idea of increasing the size of the TV. Closing time had approached and we finally decided which way to go. This is where things got funny. We wanted the Sony blue-ray player but a couple of hours ago, it was sold to an internet sale. There were none left! They were sold out, but here’s the kicker. One Samsung player was delivered and was not taken. There are lines for this player and people were waiting for this one piece to arrive. It’s a great player apparently and we got it! Talk about luck! It’s the same cost as the Sony and a hot item. We got a great deal off it as well and we took it home. The TV will be delivered at a later date however.

So here we are with a new car, a Samsung blue-ray player, and a TV on the way. We have out done ourselves. Time to rest! We are so looking forward to watching some movies and enjoying some joy riding in our new car. I just hope this run of good luck does not end on a bad note. I don’t believe we deserved this run of good luck and I don’t plan on taking advantage of it. I’m just happy it was our turn. I hope the next person that gets some of this luck that’s spreading uses it well and enjoys it while it lasts.

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