My Dentist Appointment

Nothing really exciting going on. My teeth are doing really well. I was there briefly last week before I got sent home for a bad tummy ache, but the hygienist was able to check my gums. She thought I had a little pregnancy gingivitis going on and marked it down. I did make sure I focused on those areas before coming back this week for the hygienist to finish up. She couldn’t find a thing wrong with my teeth! YAY!!! So that’s doing well.

It was kind of funny though. I go there and a woman had just signed in for a dentist appointment and she had twin girls a couple of years ago. The receptionist there just told her I was having twin boys (they love to talk at that place). She went on about a twin mom’s group in the area that I could join that she was a part of. Unfortunately, it’s a little far for me and I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to fit behind the wheel of my car anyhow.
The doctors and assistants and any other co-worker there got wind of my twins and they all came running to see me. It was very sweet. They have all seen me through every miscarriage and every pregnancy. To hear that I was pregnant with twins was a big deal to them. It really felt like a family there and they all wanted to know more about me. I knew about some of their journeys to motherhood or what they are up to in their lives too, so it was actually quite a nice little meeting. I got tons of interesting information from the hygienist there. The dentist assistant came in about three times to see me and ask questions as she was going from one patient to another. Eventually the main dentist came in to look over my teeth and she was so happy to see me and how far along I am. She really couldn’t stop smiling! She herself has had some troubles having a child, so to me, I felt a bit of a connection to her.

Meanwhile, Kiefer, who had not been kicking me for a couple of days now decided it was time to get busy. I had put the protective glasses on my belly since they were fogging up during the teeth scraping. I had forgotten that he didn’t like having anything placed on him and he was trying to kick them off. He wasn’t kicking very hard, but it was a sweet surprise. I removed the glasses and held them instead. I didn’t want to disturb his beauty rest! laugh.gif Well, he decided that wasn’t enough. He decided to go jiffy popping for a little while. It really was such a nice surprise. Meanwhile, Cameron was moving around with his head near my cervix ahead making me laugh through the appointment. The hygienist was getting a kick out of my occasional giggling. Cameron was tickling me…I couldn’t help it!

Well, they wanted to make sure I gave/showed them pictures of the two monkeys (they were calling my boys monkeys…I told you it’s like a family there), or even bring them by. It’s funny how people love seeing babies. The car salesman who sold us our new car made me promise to bring them by three times, and made my hubby promise him another two times. I also now get to show them off to my dentist, who told me she can’t wait to meet them when they get to have their first teeth cleaning.

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