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I know, it’s been a while. A couple of milestones have passed and I haven’t even written about them. I’ve been so MIA lately, I apologize!

Hmm, so let’s start by saying. I love the new car! We bought it about a month ago and it’s been doing so well! It’s like a ultimate geek car. it may not be suitable for George Jetson, but it’s got it’s major pluses. I love seeing how much mileage we are able to save and if we can beat it every time we drive. It is definitely a very handy took when trying to save some money and gas mileage with the prices going up lately. I know, it’s an SUV so the gas savings aren’t as good as let’s say a Camry hybrid or Prius, but it’s the best out there for an SUV and it’s practical for us because of the upcoming family needs and the two dogs. We needed the space AND the gas savings. We are definitely not disappointed with our choice.

April 20th was a new milestone for me. Know what it was? The first day of my third trimester!!! That’s right!! I finally made it! I can’t believe it. Now it’s time for back aches, hip softening, and leg cramps. OY! I’ve gotten mine with a vengeance. Can you believe it? The boys switched positions. Kiefer is usually on teh right side, but has switched to the left side and Cameron is now on the right side. Both are still head down though, which is good! The not so good part is somehow, their new position has caused my pelvic bone to twist causing incredible pains in my left leg. For a while it was only the sciatica in my right foot. Now that’s nothing compared to the pain in my left thigh!

I went to a physical therapist who determined the possible cause and did some work on my leg and pelvic bone. That helped a lot, but I also got a pair of crutches because I shouldn’t be using the cane as a weight bearing tool, and it will only encourage my pelvic bone to continue twisting. The crutches will at least keep balance and are weight bearing tools. I felt better afterwards at least. I saw my chiropractor the following day. He said my pelvic bone was now twisted the opposite way. Maybe I was still walking on it incorrectly? Well, he adjusted me and my pelvic bone and now I’m pain free. I think between both the PT’s and the Chiro’s adjustments, I have come out of this feeling SO much better. I also think Cameron may have shifted again a little because he did somethign the night after the physical therapist appointment that hurt like a B*TCH along with some obvious tumbling. I’m at least now walking crutch and cane free as long as I don’t walk for too long. Then I need the help of either tool.

My last OB appointment was a bit disappointing. Well, the boys are doing well at least so that’s great news! Kiefer’s kidney that was enlarged last time has gone back to normal, but his other one is now slightly enlarged. The doctor that studied the ultrasound told me that since the bladder and the ureters both look unblocked and normal, that Kiefer is probably just delaying eliminating his urine. It’s still somethign they have to figure out why that is, but it looks like everything is working normally. This doctor is not concerned at this time either. That makes me so happy! Both babies are within normal weight. Cameron is 3 lbs 3 oz while Kiefer is 3 lbs. Can you believe that? I have about 6.3 lbs of baby in me! …and they are still growing! Cameron on this past Tuesday was measuring 31w 3d, and Kiefer was measuring 29w 2d. That means Cameron is averaging about 3 weeks ahead, while Kiefer is measuring about 1 week ahead of schedule.  They are still not out of growth range and are considered normal and very healthy.

I on the other hand had a trace of protein in my urine. I was given that glucose drink for my one hour before I gave the sample, but with the blood draw done an hour later, they determined that I failed the one hour. I failed!!! I haven’t failed anything since college! OY VEI (yes I do have Jewish blood in me, I’m allowed to say that)!! So now I have to go in for the 3 hour GTT on Wednesday. Of course, NOW I have a sweet tooth so I have to pry myself away from the temptations of deserts and cookies. I hope I pass the test. I was only over the limit by a small amount. The limit they set is 140. I was 149. It could have been worse. I’d hate to have to give up my entire diet! …though not much of a diet it was. I know I can stay away from deserts, but I am already limited in what I can eat when I go out, and my body does not react well to changes in certain things. I end up feeling sick with diarrhea, cold sweats, and stomach cramps. Though I CAN deal with diet coke with splenda and other sugar free drinks. I’m still good with water at least.

I just got a disturbing call from my mother telling me my insurance raised my rates $200. WTH!?!? Doesn’t that seem extreme in the middle of the year?  It’s now just about matching my mortgage. It’s over $2,000 a month!!! I can’t handle this crap. What the hell have I done to allow them to up my rates. I haven’t done anything unusual to cause this. They cover me for pregnancy. I confirmed that. That’s the only doctor I’ve seen this whole year on a regular basis. I’ve gone to see the doctor for a possible knee issue, but it was never confirmed because they can’t do an x-ray. Besides, it feels better and I have not had any troubles since. I also went to the skin doctor because of some itching and dry skin on my hands and some acne on my back. The acne is pregnancy related and has gotten much better and the ezcema on my hand is reduced. Though I’m itchy as hell on my pinky, I believe that too is pregnancy related. NONE of these are causes for a price increase. I’ve been to the chiropractor in a regular month to month basis for the past 2 years. Nothing has changed. so why on earth would that have anything to do with it. I don’t know yet, but I’m trying to figure out everything I’ve done medically wise. I haven’t seen my neurologist since last year…since before their last increase. I see him on Tuesday. NOR have I had any relapses or any reason to increase my rates. According to paper work and insurance rules, they are not allowed to increase rates on an individual basis. So are they going to tell me that EVERYONE has had their rates increased? Those in the high risk range got $200 raised beyond what they were paying already? I know I’m about to turn 35 and that’s a new age range. But I’m not 35 yet and they aren’t supposed to change that until the following year! ARGH. There’s nothing I can do until this coming week. I hope it’s something that can be fixed or has a good explanation for all this rediculous rate increase in the middle of the year!

Well, I’m done with the ranting part. I will continue to try to update my blog with any new news and thoughts that come up.

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