This Morning’s Dreams

Ok. I had three odd dreams. Two of which seemed insignificant, but now that I think about it, one might have had to do with the other. One had somethign to do with my dogs, but I forgot the dream when I woke up. Second one and third ones now appear to have something in common. So let me do a little rundown of the dreams

The second dream took place in a high tech research lab. The characters were a woman actress that I have recently seen in some techie show on TV, but i do not remember her name. The other character was Micheal J. Fox. I have no idea why it was him, but my guess was his movie personality fit the character my mind was conjuring up. They were working together on building something, when the woman tech asked Micheal J Fox to fix her high tech watch. He took the watch to his table and my view of the dream went to a close up of the watch face and Micheal working on the watch. That was it. Seemed pretty insignificant, but I still remembered the dream. I decided to ignore it when I woke up since it made no sense to me and I figured it was just a funny dream.

Third dream took place at my baby shower. My mother, SIL, her son, Aunt S., Aunt J., cousin A., her baby boy, and myself all placed in my family room talking and opening gifts. I know more are supposed to be there, but that’s all I saw in my dream. There were decorations my hubby placed around the house and there was food in the next room. Everything was as it was supposed to be. At first, I was lying down on the couch, but then I appeared on the recliner with my feet up. I started to feel a slight contraction, but chose not to say anything. I looked at my watch (which I never wear) and figured to time it…just in case. Another contraction came about 15 minutes later so not too much of a concern yet. Besides, it was a light contraction so no one knew about what was going on. They all went about their business with enjoying the shower. But, I suddenly broke my water. That when things got messy. I got up with help. Yelled out to my hubby to get the hospital bag (which I still haven’t packed), the computer, and my cell phone. I think it was my cousin who stayed behind to feed and walk my dogs. My Aunt J drove us to the hospital since it seemed to be the first car we got to, and besides, it just seemed to be the best option. She drove off with my hubby and I and that’s when I woke up.

Now at first, I was assuming the only real important dream was the baby shower dream. I was happy. Family was around during this big event. Things seemed to go so easily without having to worry about my car nor my dogs. But that wasn’t the entire point of the dream. it stayed with me. I had somethign else in mind. I figured then, part of the dream was also about my concerns about the babies coming early. My baby shower falls on 32w 6d which is very close to birth day for these boys. Also, a story my cousin told me about her day of labor and how her boy came early and without warning. She just went in to labor after her doctor checked her out and told her everything looks normal. She wasn’t having any signs of pre-term labor. She just went into labor later that day and out can her baby boy starting that day…at her hospital of course. I guess that story just kind of hit me that I just may not know when they are coming and if they come ahead of time, and I may not have much of a warning before contractions start.

I figured that must have been it. I was worried about when they are coming, will I be prepared, and the idea of having family there to share my experience. But still that wasn’t enough. I just pushed it out of my head. Later on, I told my hubby about these dreams.  That’s when it hit me! That dream about the two actors was not insignificant to my dream. It was a set up for the following dream. I am not sure why those actors were chosen, but the watch was the important part. The research lab was again some set up for the inner workings of my body. The actors may have just been playing a couple of roles of my inner thoughts and inner to speak. The watch had to have special attention to it. It wasn’t really broken, but it needed my focus. Time is running out and these babies are going to come soon. May not be tomorrow, but soon. So the setup was, first my focus on the time left of this pregnancy, then my dreams were telling me this is going to happen. Now, I’m not saying it will happen during my baby shower. I don’t think that was important really, but it was addressing a desire and a concern of mine, not to mention the main reason was that the time I was concerned with in the previous dream was all about the babies’ births. They are coming whether I am prepared or not so get to it!

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