It’s been……since forever!

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. I have been super super busy. More than i every thought I’d be!

Four and a half months later, here I am finally posting. I had written a birth story on a site I frequent so I just copied that for here. I hope you enjoy it!

This was written about my June 24, 2008 experience in the hospital on my babies’ birth days.

“Well, Tuesday arrived and my mother, my hubby, and my excited self made our way to the hospital. I was soooo looking forward to that day, I was really surprised I even slept the night before. I get there and they take my blood and set me up on the NST. That seemed to take forever!!! The boys were having a ball in there so it was hard to get a good reading. Not to mention I was contracting!!! I wasn’t in labor though…it was just the position they had me in. Well eventually I got my amnio and their lungs were definitely ready. Their cut-off number is 50 and they boys were at 87 maturity! WOOHOO. Now it was time to decide on c/s or induction. Cameron was head down but Kiefer was diagonal with his head at Cameron’s waist. He’d probably go head down at birth, but I was too afraid of him changing his mind. I just couldn’t bare the idea of both vaginal or c/s, so I guess I wussed out and went for the c/s. Everyone was telling me that was the better choice. I’m happy I decided something and that was all I could do. I wanted these boys out and any way they did it was fine by me at this point.

They hooked me up to a spinal epidural which took a long time since I have a high tolerance for pain meds…owie!!! The c/s itself was SOOOOO weird feeling a lot of pressure and hard to breathe. They sent in my hubby and he looked scared to death watching me having to force myself to breathe, but he was so comforting to have there. Well, I could hear the doctor was having trouble getting Cameron out (he was first even with the c/s) so he had to use forceps and the same with Kiefer. Stubborn boys didn’t want to leave home! They showed them to me as they came out. I was crying they were so beautiful, and I was so relieved they were ok!!

After the birth of the boys I was sent back to the recovery room. The boys had to go to the nursery since they appeared to have some difficulty breathing but they turned out to be just fine! they did a check-up on Kiefer too and his kidneys are working completely normal now!

June 27 (day I returned from the hospital): Well, I’ve been doing great! My itchiness is worse now than before and my edema has made it even more difficult to walk, but all in all, I have two wonderful boys to show for all this! I am not complaining. I’m sore as all heck though which is to be expected after surgery. Jason has been so incredible through all this. he’s a proud dad, loves his boys tremendously. He’s been pampering me meanwhile and just doing every thing he can to help me walk around and care for these boys.

Now since I’m home, I think things are going to get easier. OOO I hear them. Time to feed them!!! My dogs gets a little freaked out hearing them, but they’ve been so good. I’ll update you all later on that. I’m sorry I couldn’t get online in the hospital. HORRIBLE reception!! I’m just so happy to be home again.

BTW, Cameron Frank was born at 2:22pm at 6lbs 3oz, and Kiefer Charles was born 2:25pm at 5lbs 14oz.

I was actually quite surprised at how different they look. My dad had the same concern when he visited and was totally shocked he could tell them apart. Kiefer is definitely a smaller baby mainly because he has dark brown hair and a smaller head than Cameron’s. He’s almost always giving us a grimace which is why I call him Li’l Grimace. He’s SOO adorable! He’s got this soft cry which is actually quite sweet to listen to. He’s sleeping a lot and tends to sleep during his feedings which is common for preemies. Cameron has slightly lighter hair with this either grey streak or very light blond streak in his hair. it honestly looks gray to me which is soooo cute!!! He has this adorable thing where he squeezes his cheeks when he drinks from the bottle. He also likes to have his hands on the bottle when he’s not squeezing his cheeks. I’ve been calling him my little chipmunk since he looks like a chipmunk when he does that to his cheeks. That name hasn’t caught on with the rest of the family but my evil plan of passing on silly names will work eventually!!!! MUHAHAHAHHA. OK seriously though, they both have such sweet personalities already. Of course, this may be the quiet before the storm, but for now they drink and sleep well and they just like to look around and figure out their environment.”

I will update to current as I am able to. Again….sorry about the loooooonng delay.

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