A Baby Update

It’s 2:30am on Feb 1, and I sit here watching my sick baby Kiefer, who has a cold, and holding a sock that Cameron recently wore thinking about everything that we’ve all been through for the past 7 months. Things have certainly gone by so fast. I mean, they are already 7 months! Where has the time gone? They are wearing size 4 diapers and are approaching 19-20 lbs! They are only big enough to wear size 3 diapers, but pee like they need size 4…so they get the size 4 diapers or they leak leak leak!

Well, part of the growing up comes with some difficulties. They don’t sleep as easily as they did when they first learned they could sleep through the night. Cameron wakes up needing his paci a lot and even a drink in the middle of the night. I know, I know, tis the time for developmental growth and with that comes restless sleep. But for 2 months now, Cameron just hasn’t gotten a great night’s sleep, ‘cept on a rare occasion. So , now between 1am and 3am, Cameron will wake up wanting his bottle. I must confess something though. I hate that I have to wake up, but to see his beautiful face and be able to look at him, watching him drink, I feel like I get to have a special moment with him. One time, he slept through the night, and I actually missed that moment we have been sharing. He was the fussy baby as a newborn, but now, he’s such a happy boy. I’ll admit, getting him to bed was difficult. He’d cry and cry and cry. We had to just let him cry it out. After about 1 1/2 weeks, he started to calm down and not cry so much when we put him to bed for either a nap or bedtime. It’s gotten so much easier to get him to rest, and he’s a much happier baby through the day now that he’s willing to nap.

Cameron loves to talk. He recently started to talk to Kiefer and us by clearing his throat. It was funny to watch, however, the sound was annoying. But, his babbling was music to my ears! He’s been eating solids like a champ. He get 2 – 3 servings of Earth’s Best Organic level 2 food. Mostly the combination stuff. He is the champion eater. He doesn’t make too many messes and swallows his food easily. Well, part of that is a little lie. He recently learned it’s fun to blow raspberries with his food. That way, food goes spraying all over the place and mommy is laughing so hard she can’t serve him food until she calms down. He thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread…which he has yet to discover. He’s also figured out how to drink from a sippy cup. One very proud milestone he’s recently achieved is getting on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth. He’s almost crawling!! What a big boy he is! He’s getting very good at scooting and flipping around to get to where he wants to go. I suspect any day now, he’ll be adding crawling to his list of achievements. He’s learning how to sit up on his own. He’s doing ok, he’s just got some more balancing to go. He’s also discovered how fun it is to play with his feet. I think it’s adorable to see him have so much fun with his feet. It’s different than him playing with his winky. He discovered that a long time ago. He still watches himself pee in the tub, but he has decided it isn’t as much fun to play with as chewing on his bath toys. His hair is growing ok. He’s got a rat tail on the back of his head. Hubby wants me to cut it off though. I’m partially delaying, but I also forget to do it. His head is starting to shape better. He’s got plagiocephaly where his head is flat on the back right of his head causing a slit tilt in his head position and his ears. His ears have straightened out and his head is rounded over top, but he still is fairly flat on his back right head. It’s getting better though now that he sleeps on his belly and has been enjoying belly time a lot. He’s not very often on his back now, so that flat part should clear up soon.

Kiefer is doing great. He’s learning so fast. He learned to scoot much earlier than Cameron. Basically, he had the motivation to. He loves to play with everything he sees. He’s learned how to open the entertainment unit doors already. His favorite game is to copy our tapping on the floor with his hands. His recent achievement is sitting up on his own. Well, he gets laid on his back on his boppy and he’ll sit up. It won’t be long until he learns to do that from the floor. He sleeps very well at night. Kiefer is the champion sleeper compared to his brother. He doesn’t usually wake up for a bottle and sleeps about 11-12 hours a night. Kiefer also discovered his feet a while before Cameron. He also discovered his winky around the time Cameron did, but he’ll still play with it during bath time. He gets funny when he plays with it. I think he is already starting to notice the sensations of his little boy part. I hate that I have to play with it. NO SICKOS! I’m not actually ‘playing’ with it. The skin on his shaft is sticking to the head of his penis, and I have to try to encourage it to disconnect. Speaking of head, the one on his shoulders has grown. Of course it has, but for a while, his head has been measuring between 10% and 5%. At his last physical (6 month physical), his head measured 75% ! Can you believe it? His head was looking bigger to me, but not that big! Even the doctor measured it about 5 times and with my help too cause she could not believe the difference!

Kiefer wasn’t always the easiest baby to feed, however. He’d stick his tongue out when we offered his food. He’d open his mouth in anticipation for the spoon, but his tongue would be in the way. He’s also very noisy when he eats. It’s basically almost like him saying, “MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm,” but not quite cause sometimes that “mmmm” would become more of a whine and fussiness. He’s even cry sometimes. He was not easy to read, but now he takes in his food without his tongue in the way and it’s been a lot easier to get him the food he wants. He’ll still “MMmmmm” through the process but it doesn’t turn in to a whining fussiness nearly as often as it did in the beginning. He tries to hold the spoon when I feed him, but if he gets control of the spoon, he won’t let go. I’m also afraid he’ll choke himself, so I don’t let him have it. It’s so sweet how he wants to do this himself. He’s a very independent baby though, so it’s not too much of a surprise. He likes his cuddles, but he like to do things on his own. He’s patient, which makes playing with him easy, considering he’s an independent thinker.

Together, they are a blast. They will laugh at each other, challenge each other to jumping in their jumperoos, touch each other sweetly, and share toys. Some of that I’m sure will change, but it’s so incredibly adorable to watch. So, like I said. I sit here watching Kiefer as he’s going through a nasty cold as I hold on to one of Cameron’s sock feeling amazed. I’m amazed with them, but mostly at my heart. I cannot understand how I can have this much room to love in such a small organ. It’s split in 5 right now…my two dogs, my husband, and my two boys. On top of that, I love them more and more every day. Sometime, it aches so much because I feel like it’s so full it’s bursting open at the seems. But, then the ache subsides as my heart makes room to hold all my growing feelings again and ready itself for the next day. I just can’t believe I was blessed with such beautiful boys. I feel like I was given two angels to raise, and someone just trusted me and my husband to raise them so they can grow up to make this world a better place. I know they’ve already made my world a better place. So now, I am also faced with a bunch of new emotions. I am sad to know they are growing up so fast. So many milestones have passed and I will miss those moments. But I am so excited to see who they are becoming. I’m looking forward to the new milestones and being able to talk to them and play with them more. I enjoy watching them learn and look around at their world with amazement. I almost can’t wait to hear them tell me how they see things. But, for now, I just look forward to seeing them every day. I look forward to seeing their smiles and hearing them talk and laugh. I look forward to seeing what new achievements the new day brings for both of them.

Well, I’m sorry it took so long to update everyone on the goings on in my life. I have more things going on too that I’ll update on when I am able to. I’m getting tired now and I think I’m going to actually sleep….until someone wakes me up. Until next update!

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