They are getting so big!

What can I say. I wish they’d be little babies forever. They are growing up so fast! Kiefer is crawling ALL over the place! He crawls from the family room to the office, to the kitchen, to the dining room, to the living room, everywhere! He’s actually tried climbing the stairs too! He can stand on his own, but with support from something. He’s tried to stand without help, but he can’t for too long. He says stuff like “Dada” , “Baba”, “Mama,” but not very often. Most of the time it’s just babble. I could have sworn a couple of weeks ago that he said, “Hi Daddy.” Actually, Jason thought he heard it too. It was really awesome to hear. He also has become very cuddly, and he knows how to kiss. Well, he licks you. He’s licked my face, my arm, my hand, my knee, and Cameron’s head. It’s amazing to watch him as he tries to climb on to things. He’ll try to climb in to the bathtub especially when Cameron is in there taking a bath. He’ll try to climb on to boxes. He made it on to a short wide one, but he sat down on top of it funny and fell off. Poor boy. It didn’t hurt, but he got a little surprised.

Night time is still good. He sleeps well. Every once in a while, however, he’ll start to cry about an hour after I put him to bed. I’ll go up to see what’s wrong, and he’s still asleep screaming and crying. OH NO! I’ll just pick him up, cradle him, and speak to him. It takes a while, but he’ll eventually wake up. He’ll still cry, but at this point I can give him his pacifier and he’ll calm down. It’s so hard to watch him go through this, but he’ll sleep soundly through the night after that. He started this about 6 months old. I didn’t think much of it until I started reading about night terrors. I figured that’s what he had, but I didn’t know that it usually starts when a child is 1 years old. Night terrors come about when either the child is overtired or has seen some things that scare him earlier that day. Kiefer has fears already, and it seems to happen around the times he is frightened. I’d have thought they were just nightmares. he does seem to have those too, but these are different. Nightmares wake you up, while night terrors happen while you are still asleep, but you still either scream, cry, shake, talk, and/or sit-up. Kiefer has been found mainly crying or screaming, but he has at one point sat up, but he was still asleep. I feel awful for him. It hasn’t happened for a while now. I hope it’s just a quick passing phase, but night terrors can last up to 12 years old.I hope Kiefer does not end up having these terrors that long.

Cameron is doing great! He is such a happy baby and I think I know why. He can crawl! He actually just started to crawl recently. He just turned 9 months old and he started to crawl just a few days before that. He now can get to where he wants to. Before, he’d crawl backwards and would just get frustrated that he couldn’t go forward to somethign he sees that he wants. Now he can go forward. Not only that but he just started to kneel! He’s going to be standing in no time. He loves to laugh. He and Kiefer will just laugh with each other for a long while now. I can’t wait for them to discover more things together. So far, they have learned it’s fun to tear up magazines together. Oh the trouble these boys are going to get in to! Cameron loves mirrors. After his bath, he loves to see himself in the mirror in the bathroom. He also gets a kick out of the mirror in his exersaucer. He’ll play peek-a-boo in the mirror with us. It’s the cutest thing. He is also sooo ticklish. It’s so much fun tickling him. He gets this look on his face of such joy! Kiefer is ticklish too, so don’t get me wrong, I love tickling him too, but I have never seen the look I’ve seen on Cameron’s face.

Cameron has been saying, “Mama”, “Mom”, “Mommom”, “Dada”, and I thought I heard him say, “Mommy”, one time. He loves to chat. He’ll talk with Kiefer, he’ll talk with me when he’s getting changed or eating. He just has a blast! I generally don’t like them watching too much TV, but I have to admit, he LOVES mickey mouse. When he sees Mickey on the TV, he stops whatever he’s doing. he loves the hot dog song most of all, but as soon as Mickey walks on the screen, he’s mesmerized. Actually, today was the first time I saw Kiefer laugh when he saw Mickey.

They have started eating their nine month foods, but they don’t like the chunkiness of the texture. Kiefer will spit out the chunks while Cameron will open his mouth and throw me the dirtiest look possible and a frown that just melts my heart. It’s hilarious how animated these kids are. We’ve been giving them these Gerber puffs. They melt in your mouth with you bite on them. They’ve been learning how to put them in their mouths on their own. It’s a hit and miss thing though. Most of the time, they pick up the puff and it sticks to their hands, but occasionally, one will make it in to their mouths. They don’t have the coordination to get the puff out of their hands when it’s sticking or not in the right position to be eaten. It’s kind of fun watching them learn to figure these things out. I’m hoping they have better luck with banana bits.

As far as 9 month (unofficial) stats go…

Cameron: weight – 20lbs 15oz

Kiefer: weight – 19lbs 13oz

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