Where does the time go?!

It’s amazing to me how fast these boys grow. I miss them so much every day, but I look forward to who they become the next. They are almost a year now and I see them becoming little men day by day. Cameron is getting more and more of his little boy features, while Kiefer is striving to walk on his own two feet. They push themselves to be little boys, while I wish they could be my little babies always. I suppose they always will be, but not this way. I do look forward to seeing what they are like as they grow up, start talking, expressing what they want and don’t want. They will become more and more different as they experience new things. Some of those things will be wonderful things, while others…not so wonderful. Some scrapes and bruises, and some achievements and goal setting. It’s all going to be such an incredible journey for all of us.

I may appear all mushy and poetic right now, but I see these boys, look in to their eyes, and I just feel things I never felt before. Every night, I hold the pillow that I use to sleep with closer and closer as I think of my boys. That pillow becomes tortured with my hugs since I need to get those tight hugs out by the end of the night. I can’t hug them that way or they’d be suffocated and squished like bugs! I watch them play with each other and I melt in to goo!!! I’m just so in love with my babies!! I hate to admit this, as I hate admitting it every time I do admit it, but I do kind of look forward to when they occasionally wake up needing some extra cuddles at night. It gives me just one more chance to hold them and kiss them. Kiefer is sooo cuddly when he’s tired and he really loves to give hugs. Cameron loves getting hugged and he really seems to appreciate being sung to during the little late night wake-ups. When I put him to bed, he’s usually not so in to the singing, but he likes to greet the animals in his room and being rocked to bed. Kiefer only likes to be sung to briefly and only when he wakes up in the middle of the night. Luckily for me, on the other hand, they don’t wake up very often. I do need my sleep! They usually sleep well through the night. I just love it though when I do get that last minute cuddle before I go to bed.

I love watching them learn new things. Kiefer has been climbing up the stairs like a champ. He’s fast too! He’s also learned to take a couple of steps. He’s going to be walking before I know it! Cameron has learned to stand up finally, adn he too has learned to climb the stairs. He learned that one before standing! Kiefer got his first tooth recently. Cameron followed with a tooth soon afterwards…then suddenly another tooth! Neither of them fussed! I was so sure I was going to have a few sleepless nights, but nope, these boys slept so well and were all smiles and giggles! Kiefer is drooling waterfalls, but Cameron only gives a little cough here and there. I guess they both have a good tolerance for pain! Today they got their first hair cuts. They were so good! The hair cutters both said they were sitting like 2 year olds they were being so good! Barely a whine. they just got a little fussy towards the end. Cameron was a little freaked out by the electric shaver used to straighten the ends of his hair, so that made him cry a little but was all right after the noise stopped. Kiefer got a little fussy towards the ends cause he wanted to get up and move, but he was happy once he got out of the chair. The hair cutter actually went to play with him while I paid for the hair cuts. They took before and after pictures for us too. It was a lot of fun! I’ll be going back there for their next hair cuts.

We don’t have much planned for their 1 year birthday. I feel bad for that since they will turn 1 years old only once in their lives, and it’s a big number! We do have my in-laws coming a few days later which should be nice. My mother does not think she can make it. My friend wanted to come, but I am in the middle of moving and I don’t know exactly what is going to be going on then…well, I didn’t know at the time when she asked, but now it’s going to be fairly quiet that weekend. We’ll take pictures once everyone is here. On their birthday, I do want to do something for them. Maybe give them their first taste of ice cream or something along those lines. We’ll make it special somehow.

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