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Ok, this could be a big post, but I’ll try to break it up in to many pieces and post them little at a time.

It happens very often, you are at home and your baby is screaming. You aren’t sure what to do cause he’s fed, he’s been changed and it’s time for a nap. So, where do you turn? Pediatrician? Sure, you can do that, but why go through all the fuss for what should be an obvious answer? Your friends? Maybe but the last time you asked for advice you got an ear full off advice that just didn’t work for you such as “let him cry it out” or “just give him the boob”. Then you go online and Google the question, “Why is my 3 month old crying so much?” Then you REALLY get an eye full of possibilities and answers. You thought you had it up to ^ with comments from your friends! All of a sudden, you are more confused now than before you started to ask around. You start contemplating buy a book, or just returning your baby for a refund, it’s all so confusing.

Buying a book is probably a good idea. If anything, it can be used as a reference to go back to if one of the methods it suggests for whatever you want to do is not as easy to follow….or you just forget the steps. Going to your pediatrician is actually a very good idea cause what if your baby is crying because he’s not feeling well. They can give you insight at considering what your baby is crying for and how might you be able to make him feel better whether it be through medicine or a different method of comforting. Googling for answers is a tough one. It gives you the most recent adn personal guide to your problem, but you do have to think, “Who am I getting my answers from?”, “Does this person actually know what she’s doing?” There are so many ways to comfort a child, depending on why he or she is upset. So you are wondering why your child is crying. you look online and someone says, let him cry it out. WHAT!?! Your friend just suggested that too! Why would someone let their kid just scream through the night!?! “Just give him your boob.” WHAT WHAT!?! I need my sleep and so does my baby!? Your friends often get their answers from either their experience or what they read online too. But for experiences, they count the most to me. Each baby is different, but some methods work better and more often than others.

I remember online, someone was asking how often should an 11 month old be eating. This post was from about 6 years ago, but history repeats itself over and over again. All 8 women that answered this question were feeding their babies every 1-3 hours throughout the day AND night. None of them got any sleep!!! Now, where are they getting their information? Feedign their 11 month old through the night some said every hour? Do these women understnad that their baby might actually just want comforting and not a boob/bottle? Don’t these women need sleep? What I’m saying is, know where you are getting your information and trust your instincts on whether or not it’s good advice for you and your needs. I for one, am not going to listen to anyone telling me that if my boys wake up in the middle of the night to give them a bottle. They dont’ need it! They got all their nutrition during eh day. They need comforting. Cameron sometimes, very rarely now, needs to cry it out. Kiefer does better with a little extra cuddle and he’s usually out for the night. Because of the methods I used and discovered, I have two happy, well-rested boys. They are not super atteched to me where if I leave the room, they freak out. Sure they cry, but only for a brief minute before they get themselves involved in their own toys. Do they have perfect nights? Not always, but they now soothe themselves, or just need a ltitle cuddle or just a pacificer from me in order to go back to sleep and that’s usually 1 – 2 times in the early evening adn usually Cameron. I usually don’t sleep until after 12 midnight anyhow so the occasional wakeup doesnt’ really bug me.

So, how did I get to this point? I listened to advice that worked for me. I listened to someone who was experienced in helping babies sleep and fuss less. I listened to my instincts as well as the advice I took. I considered all advice, but I only used the ones that worked for me. My instincts worked very well. I found if somethign didn’t work, I’d try somethign else. For example, I was feeding my boys about 32oz a day of formula. They were sleeping less and less during the night. They’d be waking up at 5am or 6 am restless and not wanting to go back to sleep. They’d have more fussy nights and wouldn’t go to sleep well. Somethign was wrong. Somethign I was doing! My gut told me it was due to the amount they were eating. I went ahead adn did some research (books, pediatrician, Google, Parenting forums) and came to the conlusion that my instincts were right. I was feeding them too much. I lowered their formula to 28oz and they slept through teh night for about 12 1/2 hours NO INTERRUPTIONS! YAY!!! I figured it out. They are now down to 27oz 4 x a day. It’s working out so well! I had tried to go to 24 with 8 oz 3x a day, but that would only make Kiefer wake up earlier again, so I stuck with 26oz for a little. Kiefer still seemed to be a little restless in the morning, so I went to 27oz and he’s sleeping much better. Cameron was good at 24oz and 26oz. He’s actually doing well at 27oz now also, so I’m not going to change it until they seem like they want to change again.

So about their food. It seems like a lot of people online are saying they are feeding their 11month olds regular adult foods (minus the bad stuff like peanut butter, honey, and OJ of course). I’m just giving mine their jarred baby food and some finger foods like bananas, Gerber graduates, and addign some yogurt, oatmeal, cereal, and apple sauce to their meals. I feel like I’m not giving them what they really are ready for, but my hubby is nervous about giving them too much foods that they cannot handle yet. I think he just is not ready for them to grow up yet. It doesn’t matter, really. They will be eating this stuff soon. I’m still working on sippy cups right now. Once I learn to cook more stuff on a regular basis, I will be giving them more foods for them to eat on their own. Once we eliminate their jarred foods, we can start saving up a bunch more money! So, whether or not other people are feeding their babies full on adult meals, I’m sticking to what works for me and my husband. They are gaining weight, they love their food, and they are sleeping well. They haven’t gotten sick in a long long time and appear to be healthy, happy, little boys!

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