The First Birthday

Well, they have reached their first birthday. I really hated that they didn’t get to really celebrate it ON their birthday, but next week we are going to have a nice little party with family at least. It was nice, however, that their great auntie A came by and dropped off their birthday gifts on their birthday! She got them three things. I opened up the two little bikes. I left the final gift to be opened next week at their party. I tried to get them to stay on their bikes long enough to get my camera ready, but they just wanted to get back upstairs to their pillow forts their daddy made for them. He set up a wall of pillows by the bathroom hallway in the master and they would just pummel through them, rock around on them, and tumble around on top of these pillows. They had a blast. Sorry Auntie A! Pillow tossing won! I know they are gonna love their bikes though. I’ll get a picture for Auntie A soon!

Meanwhile, today was not as easy as I’d like. Cameron has been refusing to drink his formula…at least one of four during the day. This was the first time he refused his second bottle of the day. Usually it’s the third or fourth (last) bottle of the day. I was getting worried. It’s not like he tries his formula and then rejects it. If he did, then I’d think it was a tender gum or a tummy ache, he’s full, or he just didn’t like the formula anymore. he just simply rejects the bottle as soon as he sees it. If he’s in a good mood, he’ll laugh it off and throw his attention else where. If he’s in a bad mood, the second he sees me with the bottle, even before I enter his play pen where he hangs out, he’ll start to cry. I just don’t get it! he’s also more fussy for a long time after he rejects his bottle. Beforehand, he’s no problem, but after he sees his bottle, he’s all fuss. it’s not that it’s not easy to make him laugh or enjoy a game of something, but he’s much more quick to change his mood and go back to fussing. At least he seems to be sleeping alright during the night. Not great in the beginning. He’ll fuss, but I heard that’s normal for his age. He’ll sleep late, which you’ll find no complaint from me. I just worry about him. He still eats his solids though. I guess he’s well fed and doing well. Now, I just have to figure out what to feed them now that they are 1 year old toddlers. I have a feeling I’m going to have to cook now. Not easy for someone that generally finds cooking tedious. I hope I learn to like it. I don’t have much of a choice!!!

Kiefer is doing well at least. No fuss and still drinking his formula with out any problems. He had a great time today as well. There isn’t much to say about Kiefer. He just does whatever he wants well. He’s so good at physical things. He’s not as easy to laugh at stuff. He loves surprises though. If he doesnt’ suspect somethign to happen, he’ll laugh. He also laughs with Cameron a lot. He and Cameron are like best buds right now. I hope that lasts forever! I’m sure there will be some sibling rivalry every now and then, but they have such a good relationship right now.

They are so different. When they eat something large like an apple wheel or a teething biscuit. Kiefer will hold it with his hands, suck on a side adn chew off what he can as it gets softer. He will take the smaller foods like peas, or his little puffs one at a time and chew on maybe three pieces at a time. Cameron will stuff as much as he can in to his mouth at once big or small and chew on it or suck on it from there. He gets the job done faster, but he has already choked once. I had to baby heimlich him already. Poor guy, didnt’ even realize what happened to him…he just wanted to finish his desert! One thing that I find funny is, even though Cameron stuffs everything in his mouth at once, he rarely messes himself up much. Kiefer who’s so careful with how much he eats at once, tends to end up with a face full of mess. It is a funny site to see!

Their milestones are:

Cameron stood up May 26 for the first time. he’s now just learning to stand without holding on to something. Once he stands up, he’ll try to balance himself without help. He can scale the pen wall while holding it. Kiefer has taken some unassisted steps…4 at the most. I shall count that as walking before he turned 1, but it’s not a confident walk yet. He’s doing relaly well! He can stand unassisted no problem for a long time. Cameron has gotten to the point where he can crawl up the stairs as fast as Kiefer…and Kiefer is a speedy stair climber! They are saying Mom, Mommom, Mama, Dad, Daddat, but it still does not quite seem to be aimed at a specific person yet. They have their favorite books they like for us to read. Kiefer loves his Opposites book his grandma gave him. Cameron loves his First Words; Sign Language book that his great uncle C gave him. The opposites book has not yet been ripped apart, but the sign language book has. They have managed to rip up a few books. They do liek to look at the colors and the pictures though, so I know that the ripping of the books is mainly cause they look at them so much and they’ll pull at them so each of them can have a looksee….resulting in a torn book, but still fun pages to look at.

There are more things to say, but I am exhausted. It’s after after midnight on the night I’m supposed to be watchign out for them. I shall bid my adieu and bon noir and good night, sweet dreams. Till next time!

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