Almost 6 Months Later

It occurred to me that I have this wonderful outlet to write down my thoughts no matter how sappy, sad, happy, silly, nonsensical, humorous, boring, and meandering they are. Yet, I continue to forget to write in here. Why? Well, maybe that is the same reason I forget to eat when I’m hungry. Pathetic, isn’t it? I mean I get bad headaches, I got health problems and I need to lose weight. You’d think food is important to me. I don’t eat much so my metabolism is slow as molasses. I should eat more, but NOOO I forget to eat. I don’t think of it, so I miss my opportunity to eat until I’m either feeling faint or I got a NASTY NASTY migraine type headache that not even food can help with. So, why do I forget to write in here when my head is so filled with thoughts, it’s going to explode unless I get it out? Because, I’m just too distracted. Seems to me no matter how basic the need is, my mind just takes over all functions and necessities. I’ve even forgotten to pee when I get the urge until I basically have to go so badly, I’ll pee my pants if I don’t make it to a toilet on time or I’m just in pain and unable to pee which then takes me even longer to relieve myself all because I was distracted!

OK, on to a different, more positive thought. My boys are the best thing in my life. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without them. They are not easy. They keep me busy. I get tired out easily, and I have no time for myself. They are like parasites. But, I’d gladly give them my energy, my blood, my time, my everything. I wake up every morning looking forward to those sweet smiles and giant hugs. Sometimes I wake up to dirty, stinky diapers. OOOO may not be fun for my nose, but it’s just more excuses to have them close to me. They fight over me. They both want my attention. I always wanted to have two guys fight over me!!! My dream come true!!! My days become whole when I hear them laugh. I love watchign them exploring their world. We just set up a large wing chair to allow them to play on. Kiefer figured out how to place one of his buckets at the foot of the chair to allow him to boost himself on to the chair so he can either sit and read or jump…usually a mixture of both. It was over from then on. I had to give in!!! I took off the cushion and set it on the floor so if they jump and fall, they won’t hurt themselves. They’d still fall to the side, so I added pillows to the sides too. I don’t want to remove the chair. They love it!!! I don’t want the to get hurt either. I guess I’m just going to have to think about this one.

One little activity which I do get a little frustrated with is, they love to toss stuff off the look-over. That’s the area of the second floor loft that looks over both the stairs and the first floor. It’s not over the front door, but it is technically still the foyer. They toss their toys down there. They could break their toys, or even worse, hurt someone who’s innocently just standing there for whatever reason. Not a huge deal, but I just don’t want to see anyone get hurt. They’ve been better, but they do enjoy a good toy tossing every once in a while.

The boys have been enjoying their time at their gym classes. There’s a bunch of things they do there and they get to play with other kids. I’ve talked to some parents, haven’t made any friends, but every one is nice there. There’s also a walk-in day care set up at the gym. It’s really nice there. They had someone come in and build a boat structure that includes a fort, a slide and some areas to hide and run through. There’s a ton of toys to play with and activities to get involved in. They particularly like one of the owners there. She, the other owner, and daughter of one of the owners are often there during their daycare time. The daughter really seems to enjoy playing with them. She’s about 8+/-? All I know, is whenever I talk to the owner, the boys seem to really like her company. She has tried to teach them some sign. They know the sign for ‘more’ now. Cameron is very good at repeating it to me, but Kiefer seems to hold out to only doing it for her. That’s fine! Cameron will talk a little. He can say Circle and Banana. I have now heard Kiefer try to say Banana. He has apparently tried to say Cheerios for her, but has not since.She did say their motor skills are advanced and she’d have liked to have seen them in the next age group that doesn’t start until they are supposed to be 22 months! What a great thing to boast about!!! Unfortunately, I can’t bring them to that class, cause the class starts in the middle of their normal nap time. Maybe soon though!

I think Kiefer does know how to talk, but he has fallen in to the twinspeak problem of talking babble-words mostly cause Cameron can understand him. He’ll do it soon. It’s a little frustrating that neither of them have a large vocabulary right now, but twins often delay their speech. They do try. They both try to imitate the various sounds we do say when going over animal sounds. Especially Cameron. He’s very good at that. Kiefer will try and you can see he really wants to talk. He’ll get there. Kiefer can drink from a cup. Not well though. He often tilts too soon and the water will spill all over him. Thank goodness I never fill the cup up more than an inch or two of water. I don’t even try juice! …OK, I lied. I did try to let him drink his orange juice from a cup. He did a good job with my help. Cameron, at first try, did not do so well. He didn’t get the whole swallow thing down well. Most of it went on to his bib. The second time I let him try, which he insisted on since I let Kiefer try it alone, he did better. Most of the water did end up getting swallowed, but he will need more work before I let him try alone.

I feel bad about one thing. It seems a lot of people are already working on numbers and letters with their kids. I didn’t think I needed to. I guess I don’t technically NEED to, but it’s a good idea to start getting them familiar with them. They are starting to talk, and it’s obvious they can understand us. When I say I can’t find something, Kiefer will actually start looking around for it!  They both are getting very good at responding when we tell them they can’t do something.

It just amazes me how mature their movements are. Kiefer’s running up and down the hallway, dragging toys around. Cameron trying to look under furniture and reaching for his toys. Their imaginary play has gotten more and more sophisticated as well with the way Kiefer will even request Cameron hold out his hand and he’ll put something imaginary inside for Cameron to hold or eat. They both like to play those games with me and Jason too. When I go get Kiefer in the morning, he often is already awake and playing. When I go to him, he’ll turn off his glow seahorse and wave byebye to it, then asked to be picked up. I can tell he has a connection with his toys. It means a lot to him they are around in the crib for him every night and morning. They are a part of his little night environment and routine. Cameron does have his favorite toys, but he has not shown much of a story or personal connection like Kiefer has to his toys. He LOVES his Tigger lovey, he’s made that very clear, but that connection is a love connection and not part of imaginary play. Cameron has a different type of play he likes that is imaginary. His mind will grow and play like Kiefer’s eventually, but he’s a different boy than Kiefer and his interests are going to be different. It’s just so fascinating to see their differences and how they are able to interact with each other using their specific interests.

Well, I’ve babbled on long enough. I have more to say and more to add, but I’ll say that another day….hopefully not a day 6 months later 😉

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