18 Months


They are amazing. Simply put, they are amazing. They truly are little boys now with just one thing they have yet to accomplish. They can speak but only a few words…5 maybe? But wow, their activity and learning is just so amazing, they blow me away.

They got Legos for Christmas. Already, they are trying to put them together. Mostly, Cameron takes them apart, but he does like to put the pieces together too. They got a Little People’s airplane and barn animals for Christmas. Kiefer’s imagination is maturing by far! I see him place these little people and animals in the barn with purpose. He’s also pretending the airplane is taking off. He’s never seen an airplane before! Sure his daddy does fly the plane around for him sometimes, but he picked up on that airplanes fly so fast!! Tonight, Daddy was showing Cameron one of the books his grandmother brought him for Christmas. It has pictures of various things that can be found around the house and in his life. Daddy, out of curiosity, asked Cameron where the watering can was. Cameron pointed to it. He’s never seen one! We also never let him see the TV. We don’t even watch it, so where on Earth did he ever see a watering can? We thought it was a fluke, so Daddy tried inquiring about other things on the page. Most of them Cameron has seen before, so we asked about the watering can again. He pointed it out again! We’ve never read him that book before and neither did his grandmother! He wowed us on a couple of other pages too. Where did he pick up on this stuff? I later read him his favorite book before bedtime. I asked him to point out the various bugs in the book. He did it! I only showed him which bugs were what one time, and he learned which and where the bugs were. We have only read him the book, but never pointed out which bugs were what. He just amazes me with what he comes up with.

So, I ask myself, as my hubby has too, are we raising geniuses? I’d like to think so. I’m sure a lot of parents think their kids are geniuses. Maybe mine are! Two little geniuses wrapped up in these sweet, happy, lovable, little packages. Now, does this mean I’m going to ship them off to the top genius schools around? Nope! I will figure out what they need as they grow up. They are most likely normal, but smart, little boys that are just quick to learn. They have their own language and they try so hard to communicate with us, but they sure do learn how to manipulate the world around them fast! Think about it this way, what 17 month old do you know that knows how to trade one toy for another when s/he wants what the other tot has? Not that my boys don’t eventually just take what they want from his brother, but they both sure do try to trade for it first. Nothing better than to have the toy they want without having to fight for it. They learned that fast! if only they’d learn that when his brother does not want the toy being offered, that trying different toys may get a better response ;). If at first you don’t succeed, try try again! I guess I’m just a proud mommy that admires her boys and all they accomplish on a daily basis.

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