Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Every now and then, a little moment will happen with these boys that melt me to goo.


Kiefer: I decided to lay with him in his bed to help him go back to sleep before it was time to wake up. When it was time to get up, he started to rub my arm lightly with his hand. I looked at him, and he had the sweetest look on his face. He said, “Hi.” and smiled! It was the best way to wake up! Then he poked my nose and tried to pick it! ….Ahh special times. Still the best moment I’ve had in a long time.


Cameron: It was still morning time, and I was changing his diaper. He was in a particularly good mood that morning. I started to undo his clothes and he pointed to me and made a hugging motion saying, “Mama! Mine!” I can’t believe he just claimed me!

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