Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Just today I’ve been feeling a little needy. I had to put my dog, Sparky, down yesterday, so I have been needing more hugs and kisses from the boys. Cameron has not been so generous with his affection to me these past few days….weeks actually. But we had a funny conversation today.


I was cuddling with Kiefer a little and Cameron was playing with/reading some little board books.


Me: Cameron, can I have a kiss?

Cameron: No kiss!

Me: Please can I have a kiss?

Cameron: No kiss!

Me: Can I have a hug?

Cameron: No hug!

Me: No? Can I have something?

Cameron: Something

Me: What can I have?

Cameron: No can have something!

A little time goes by, and he’s playing with something else. I’m still with Kiefer (my cuddling with Kiefer doesn’t stop Cameron from getting whatever he wants from me. What Cameron wants, Cameron gets despite my attempts at getting him to share me with Kiefer!). I thought I’d ask him about what he was playing with.


Me: Cameron, wha….

Cameron: NO KISS!


I was trying so hard not to giggle through this conversation. He was being so serious too.


…I never did get those hugs and kisses from Cameron today. Maybe another time…

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