Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

I wish I had a video camera with me! We were having breakfast and the boys were up to their normal playfulness. Kiefer was leaning on Cameron and Cameron back on Kiefer. They love to go face-to-face and giggle and smile. That is an “aww” moment in itself, but then Cameron grabs Kiefer’s head, hugs it tight and says, “I love you!”


Some time before that (about a day before New Year’s Eve), they both had an “I love you” war. Cameron said, “I love you” to Kiefer. Kiefer said back, “I love you.” Then Cameron would answer, “No! I love you!” It would continue like this for maybe about a minute, but it was SOOOO cute!!!! They rarely fight, but this is what I call brotherly love!

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