Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

The boys don’t always do as I ask during their bath so I usually have to clean all their parts (they will be 3 in June, so I suppose that’s normal). Kiefer does not like me cleaning his privates. Cameron couldn’t care less as long as he can continue to play whatever he is playing with in the bathtub.


So, tonight as usual, I quickly give a swipe of soapy water on Kiefer’s privates and he said to me with a serious face…


Kiefer: Don’t touch my penis! Touch your penis!

Me: I don’t have a penis

Kiefer: Yes you do! That penis! …as he points closer to my private area.


I couldn’t help but laugh even though he was being serious. I did however tell him that until he learns to clean himself, that’s what I need to do. So I gave him a little soap, told him to wipe his hands around, which he did. Then I told him to wipe his penis really well. He did! He was giggling quite a bit too. Ahhh boys! It’s not that he has never played with it before, but it’s was almost like a revelation to him that cleaning it can be just as pleasurable!

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