Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

He’s at it again! This boy cracks me up to pieces almost every day!


I was tucking him in and as usual, we have those serious talks about how proud I am of him and some pleasant comments. He really seems to like them as he’ll make nice comments back….usually.


Me: Everyday, I’m more and more proud of you. You are so sweet. You are beautiful!

Cameron: I don’t eat doody

Me: (chuckling silently) No, you don’t eat doody.

Cameron: It will make you sick

Me: Yes it would make you sick.

Cameron: You would throw up!

Me: I suppose you would throw up and your tummy would hurt a lot. So you would not want to eat doody

Cameron: You don’t eat doody. It goes in the toilet.

Me: That’s right.

Cameron: Don’t touch the doody.

Me: that would be yucky.

Cameron: And sticky.

Me: Yes, I suppose it would be.

Cameron: It happens.


Then he turned over and shut his eyes. Where did the nice sweet nightly comments go wrong!! Ahhh the beautiful moments we share!

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