Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Ok, today was the boy’s 3rd physical check-up at the pediatricians. The doctor was running a little late so we had time to wait in the office. Well, the boys make their own fun which usually means driving mommy and daddy batty! So at one point (actually a few points, but this one time was funny), Cameron was not listening and got put in time-out. So did Kiefer. Both for not listening. When it came time to relieving them of their time-out, I usually ask for an apology. This was Cameron’s….


Me: You were in time out for not listening. I need to hear an apology

Cameron: I’m sorry

Me: For…?

Cameron: Five!


He just cracks me up! Of course, this ruins the seriousness of relieving Kiefer from his time-out because I was still laughing.

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