Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Cameron was in bed tonight as I was tucking him in. I laid down with him when he started to talk about Santa.


Cameron: I don’t want Santa to come.

Me: Santa doesn’t come yet. He comes at Christmas.

Cameron: I don’t want him here.

Me: Why? Why don’t you want Santa to come here?

Cameron: I don’t like him. He’s not good!

Me: But he brings you presents for Christmas.

Cameron (with a huge smile): I like Santa! I like that man! I like his nose!


Later on I had to go back in to his room because he was crying…


Cameron: Santa is here. I don’t want him here! I don’t want presents. I want him to go away.

Me: I promise you he’s not here. He’s in the North Pole with Mrs. Claus and that’s nowhere near here. He isn’t here at this time.

Cameron: He’s not here at this time?

Me: Nope. He’s not here now.

Cameron (not truly believing me, started to yell at Santa): Santa! Go away! I don’t want your presents! Play with your own toys! Take a bath, take your deers, go home, and go eat!


I found out that DH sang him Santa Claus is Coming to Town earlier this afternoon for nap. He used to like that song. Apparently, he doesn’t anymore…for now.

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