Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

Last night kind of surprised me. I was tucking him in and laying in his bed with him. I was just talking to him about what song he wants me to sing, and he interrupts me with this conversation…


Kiefer (while touching my face): You have a ‘gina?

Me (Jokingly): not on my face, I don’t.

Kiefer (with a smirk and pointing toward my legs): No, you have a ‘gina!

Me: Yes.

Kiefer: I have a big penis like Daddy and Cameron?

Me (curious where this is going): Yes. That is correct.

Kiefer: I don’t want a penis. I want a ‘gina.

Me: Oh?

Kiefer: I am going to sleep until I have a ‘gina. Then I’ll wake up.

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