Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

It was a very good day at preschool today. The boys were behaving and actually took a nap. We thought we’d go out for ice cream and a Red Robins dinner. We had some ice cream and were on our way to Red Robins for dinner (I know, backwards, but who said ice cream can’t be dinner?). I got Cameron out of the car. This was the conversation that followed….


Cameron: It’s dark out.

Me: It’s night time.

Cameron: It’s not that dark out.

Me: Well…. (the sky was very black as the sun was already down when I picked him up from school)

Cameron: When it gets dark and spooky and chilly, then it’s night time.

Me: Spooky?

Cameron: Yes, spooky. That’s when we go to bed.

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