Oh, The Funny Things They Say!


Kiefer and Cameron were taking books out of a bookshelf in Jason’s office. Not that that made anyone happy, but Kiefer found a book that he particularly liked (he can’t read, but the binder was a bright green color so it looked interesting). He wanted to read it in the loft. I sat with him and he said he wanted to read it to me. So he proceeded to open the book and rub his fingers across the pages like he was reading and told me a story about a boy who wanted to walk his dog. It was the best story I ever heard!



I was putting Cameron to bed for his daytime nap. He wanted a hug …actually he wanted to hold me hostage by holding his head to mine and telling me I can’t go because I’m stuck to him (awwww). But as we were “stuck” together he goes on…


Cameron: Your hair is too long.

Me: I like my hair long

Cameron: Long is for other girls and boys

Me: Oh?

Cameron: It should be short like my hair.

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