Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

We were driving the boys home at around 9:30pm after a parent’s night out at their favorite place (My Gym aka Jenn’s Gym). We were talking about what they had for dinner while they were there. After I (Mommy) asked them if they had fun and if they had pizza, the conversation continued….


Jason: How much pizza did you have?

Kiefer: 3 slices.

Jason: WOW! Cameron, how about you?

Cameron: I had 10 slices! I’m going to get big!

Me: You don’t want a big belly, you want to get taller!

Cameron: I want a biiiiiig belly!

Jason: Nahhhh. You want to be taller. You don’t want to have a big belly!

Kiefer: I want a big belly like Santa!

Jason: Like Santa?! You want to give gifts to all the boys and girls on Christmas?

Cameron: You better watch out! He’s going to put you in Fat!

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