Oh, The Funny Things They Say!

The other day, while I was changing the boys in to their PJs, I had a rather uncomfortable conversation with Kiefer. He often likes to pretend to pee on one of us (Me, Daddy, or Cameron). I figured this is a normal boy thing. I still do, but what a weird conversation I had to have with him this time.

Kiefer: I have a penis and you do not.
Me: Yes, that’s correct.
Kiefer: I’m gonna pee on you.
Me: Yucky! No you’re not, silly.
Kiefer: Could you take your pants off and pee on me?
Me: What?
Kiefer: Take your pants off and pee on me!
Me: No, I’m not going to take my pants off and pee on you!
Kiefer: Peeez! I might love it!?
Me: I’m not going to pee on you, Kiefer.
Kiefer: Peeeez! I want you to! I might really like it! I’m gonna love it!

I now have this vision of Kiefer when he grows up is going to be going to these weird underground clubs because of some sort of pee fetish. PEEEEEZ! Don’t let that happen!

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